The Truth Shall Set You Free

Become mindful of guilt – the kind of guilt that wraps itself around your head and tussles about with your mind, the old voices of the shoulds and the feeling terrible of standing your ground.  Many are waking to the shift that is collectively happening, and these changes that need to happen will be tugging fiercely at your heart and soul.

I’ve recently come to notice that I am no longer aligned with some friends of old and have been sensing an increase in lack of resonance and on a different trajectory.  This is a collective shift and many will come to notice that without really needing to do anything our views and bonds with certain people in our lives are coming to and possibly to a natural end. There have been energetic shifts and transformational truths facing you right in the face.

The dark clouds are lifting for many and the guilt has nowhere to live. No longer can it take residence in one’s mind. New life is emerging. All of our relationships are projections of our wounds, and each and every one we meet is a teacher for us to release and let go of what indeed does not bear any truth to our soul. It can be quite painful to recognise where the conditioning of the past, and familial, and societal, expectations have bound us to follow the herd. Duty, cloned versions of each other be it at work, home, in love, what the so-called others raised in archaic thinking, patriarchal rules, or even hidden through education and transformational programmes, leaders where we see day by day being called out on their bullshit, behaviours that lack integrity, appalling treatment to others in the name of holding onto their egoic position and titles.

I recall early in following my qualification as a coach, how my mentor and founder of the coaching school, projected his idea of what I could be doing with my coaching and what to bring forth concerning myself as a coach. I sat there unmoved and baffled as to where the idea came from as it certainly did not resonate with mine. Nevertheless, that conversation had me turn away from his mentoring – I was not one for abandoning myself despite not always having the answers either.  Instead, I embarked on a path of least resistance to myself and awaited what tugged at my heartstrings, rather than the stereotypical course of business as a coach.

I have my dreams, ideas and plans, the problem with standard coaching or society at large is it is often based on the masculine dynamic and structure of methodology. Notice all the coaching books written on the whole by men.  Now if you have been awakening to the divine feminine, you would know that it takes being receptive, to feel and hear the truth of your soul. Not something to bang out day and day out, but follow some formula, as some of these motivational gurus out there are selling. Is it any wonder there are more lost souls than at any other time?

The time is ripe for this awakening. It is as if we have no control over what needs to fall away. The vibrational energy of the ascension has been taking place, and astrological placings have shifted drastically enough to reflect and affect this shifting paradigm. Time to move the mask of pretence away, letting the truth, you reveal what you stand for, how you are allowed to lead your life, and not what others have projected onto you.

This awakening takes courage, a leap of faith as for many we do not know precisely where we will land. But we must spread our wings of truth and take flight. Communicate what needs to be said. Express yourself in ways you may not have done before. Trust what you feel, and what resonates. If something or someone does not feel in resonance with your soul then know that is your truth. Watch out for triggers. Stay neutral and count to 3 before you open your mouth. Or at least take a pause and breathe. Another’s importance may not match yours and probably is unlikely to, and if it’s been an old story of yours from this lifetime or many years of repetition with a soul partner or member it can get you to your core.

The truth will vary and be different for everyone, especially between two people the issue can be with or whomever you are interacting with. Be careful what judgements you cast or what you might say. State your point clearly, defining your boundaries with what you need. Let go of the rest, an attitude that does not serve, playing it over and over in your mind, do not feed the negativity. Let those dealing with the issue in their own way. The ascension is happening whether they are on board or not; whether they can communicate it or even be aware of it, everyone is growing.

The only person you need to take care of is you.

Your existence is at being One with the Holy Divine, Universe, Great Mystery, On high, God/ Goddess whatever your diety or spiritual Source. Your connection always is with the Divinity in you, and this is where liberation is. Fulfilment is not on the outside of you, even if life is mirrored that way, is it because you cleared out your darkness and aimed high for what you know to be true to you?

All around you now have the opportunity to break through and live your truth. Bit by bit the pieces of your life are being shattered. Those that are meant for you will be there, Those who aren’t, the time has come to relinquish any attachment.

For the last few weeks, I have kept on seeing the image card (above for this post) in my mind, and have been experiencing these micro breakthroughs in my life. Be the observer and notice what is going on, what needs to be let go, and who and what is coming in.

It is your life. No other can live it for you. Claim your sovereignty, Stop living someone else’s. Too much time stolen living according to another’s whim, idea, dictatorship, and ideals, STOP IT.

Let go of guilt and begin to honour yourself. Be not afraid to live.

Notice how much by living your truth, you become free. This work takes layers upon layers of undoing. Where ever you are in your own evolution, you are on the path.

These pointers in Honouring yourself will help you keep on track, taken from Nathanial Branden’s book ‘Honouring the Self’.

  • ‘To honour the self is to be willing to think independently, to live by our own mind, and to have the courage of our own perceptions and judgements.
  • To honour the self is to be willing to know not only what we think but also what we feel, what we want, need, desire, suffer over, are frightened or angered by – and to accept our right to experience such feelings. The opposite of this attitude is denial, disowning, repression – self-repudiation.
  • To honour the self is to preserve an attitude of self-acceptance – which means to accept what we are, without self-acceptance – which means to accept what we are, without self-oppression or self-castigation, without any pretence about the truth of our own being, pretence aimed at deceiving either ourselves or anyone else.
  • To honour the self is to live authentically, to speak and act from our own innermost convictions and feelings.
  • To honour the self is to refuse to accept unearned guilt, and to do our best to correct such guilt as we may have earned.
  • To honour the self is to be committed to our right to exist which proceeds from the knowledge that our life does not belong to others and that we are not here on earth to live up to someone else’s expectations. To many people, this is a terrifying responsibility.
  • To honour the self is to be in love with our own lives, in love with our possibilities for growth and for experiencing joy, in love with the process of discovery and exploring our distinctively human potentialities.

Thus we begin to see that to honour the self is to practice selfishness in the highest, noblest, and least understood sense of that word.

And this, I shall argue, requires enormous independence, courage and integrity.

Making these changes in some cases must be seen as an act of Grace, living your life, your truth is what we are being called more than any other time.

Prayer for this time:

Divine Grace, show me what I must do to be true to myself.

Let me trust in all that is occurring, and let me go of control toward others and what is being torn down.

I know you love me unconditionally and the Hand of Spirit and the Divine is here with me at all times.

I choose to be myself persevering regardless of all obstacles. 

I live my life ON purpose, and this is what it means to live my purpose. 

I will not waiver and take flight in truth and trust. 

And so it is. 

Open your heart and receive all your good. It is time to break all patterns, adopted thinking, and restrictions old and new. This is not about being mean or selfish but being unconditionally true to you, even if it may not seem that way to others.  Be kind, and tender in all your interactions as much as you can be, but take heed when ‘enough is enough’ knocks on your door, you won’t able to stop it from entering. Be bold. Breakthrough limitations, witness your vitality and life force being empowered.

You will be a whole different level of being. Nothing will stop you. Determination and exuberance are all manifestations of this Breakthrough right now.

Be free and live a life that is Liberated.

Let life magic unfold before your senses. Witness the changes be it physical or psychological resulting in releasing the energetic patterns which have you hostage to undesirable conditions. In working with the chakras LIFESCRIPT ENERGY SERIES loosening the hold of your inner child wounding – you will live life freer, filled with truth, heart, and healing.


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* Image is taken from Osho Zen Tarot – Xl Breakthrough

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