What is costing you?

I recently got back from a brief stay at a friend’s that was filled with so much clutter, debris and stagnation it was actually hard to be around. We all know that living under those conditions can cause some kind of energetic haemorrhage. Which by the way he has been living through and not being able to see his way out.  Unable to think straight, drowning in his own stagnation and despite knowing that his home is no home,             ( a sanctuary in my definition) as if there were not enough programmes on TV to display the effects of an overly cluttered home or places, where one life’s decisions are not being made due to enormity of the task or environment one is surrounded by.

One TV series that pops into mind off course of which is the magic of Marie Kondo the Japanese clutter-clearing fairy that has descended into the limelight with her spiritual approach to making shifts in our lives through prayer and constructive de-cluttering. The results often being staggering, from weight loss to relationships being healed and for the new to occur. Denise Linn her predecessor through her book. Sacred Space.

In my view, sacred space does not only refer to physical walls and space but also our mind, body and energetic surroundings.

So let’s ask ourselves, ‘What is costing me?’ my energy?

Ponder on this for a moment or make notes to see what you know to be true for you.

Buying unnecessary items and more things that we really don’t need is costing us, not only financially but energetically. Not to mention the planet mother Earth in the pileup of garbage we have created. We are sold on the fact that we need more, have more, and look like plastic barbie dolls and pretty shiny things to be happy. 

Within the home, we may walk past items that we don’t use that has accumulated dust and clothes which do not fit or made on an impulsive purchase, acquired by saying yes to it from another’s cast-off but that has no real value or vibration to us who we are now.

This could also be friends that we’ve had for many years on Facebook who really quite frankly you couldn’t give two hoots about,  and or with ads that bombard us constantly with impressions of what it thinks we want or are curious about. Do you really want to hear the same old story, trite and noise? 

All this is an energetic thief that we let in day in and day out.

Now think about it what are these costing us? Is it our health? Is it our state of mind? Is it our energy worrying about how we’re going to pay the surplus credit card bills? Having to have the next best thing, because some influencer told you so?

So ask yourself the next few days, a great time to be clearing before the spring equinox on March 20, and on the heel of the New Zodiac Year of the Aries Season.

  • Do I need this?
  • Is this habit serving me in a negative or positive way?
  • What is having, this, that or a person in my life cost me?

Then start grading it, without much thought but by trusting your instincts.

On a scale of one to 10? How much do I really love it? 10 being YES and down toward a one then get rid. 

Has this got affectionate and sentimental memories that deserve a place in your life now? 

Who or whom do you need to review your connection with? Is it time to move on? Is it time to have honest and open communication? 

Notice the subtleties of the energy exchange you have within your daily life. 

It’s time to be discerning with whom you share your story, your life and your future self with. 

Make adjustments accordingly, and free yourself of any energy leaks and those who leave debris of angst around you. Intend to put good boundaries up where it is needed.

If it’s a 6 or below, good to pass it on and circulate it back out however you decide. To a friend, charity and or put an end to any nonsense, bad habit or tired old friendship that’s had time as what once connected you simply does not. 

It’s time to cut back on things, people and habits that are costly to us to our inner love, wellness and peaceful life.

Freshening things up starts with ourselves whether through a change of habit or letting things go.

Have fun with the above experiment, and do not overthink things as that will have you stuck. Just trust what your gut tells you, what the number that sparks around an item, – I mean do you really need to hold onto a mascot that you got from your relationship or marriage ten years ago and one that is long gone?

Have you acquired an item because a friend left it with you when they went off travelling but never came to claim it or returned claim it back? Really? Do you really need to have that something in your home that is not to your real taste but was given as a gift?

Are you in a job or career that leeches you of energy and yet you convince yourself that you need this as you have got to make ends meet?

A friend who feigns friendship because you notice she rarely calls, drops the occasional message and when you do speak and share yourself but the conversation is sprinkled with derogatory remarks, – what are your values? Write it down, and claim them.

Stop living a life that costs you bit by bit which adds up to a level of stress and annoyance. Fix things, get rid of things, if it’s broken beyond repair then you know what to do. Break your smoking habit, say NO to a friend who is always complaining or on a downer; if your go-to is a regular source of power drinks that are loaded with chemicals, but at the same time you’re suffering some medical issue, what do you think it’s costing you?

Maybe you are on the benefits and cheat the system as you feel justified to keep the wolves out, but what’s that costing you, in terms of energetic leaks? We kid ourselves with so much debris of what is not integral or doing us any good…and yet we do…?

It is a process and it takes ruthless honesty to review how we prostitute ourselves. Whatever you know is costing you, be bold and make that change.

It is the only way to truly live a liberated life. We cannot be free if we are held back by self-deception and deceiving ourselves and others.

Appreciate all the situations and things that once gave you pleasure but now have gone stale. Use the upcoming days to clear out, and get ready for an inner and outer detox.

A new season, a new book of your life is beckoning.


Much Love,

Rafah xx


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