You matter! Do you know that?

How many times have to felt overlooked, sidelined, and not stood up for yourself?

Are you in relationships that make you feel unloved and unappreciated?

Do you criticise yourself daily and starve yourself on a merry-go-round of some food diet trend?

Have you shelved your creativity long ago and have no idea how to fit in or what to do?

Do you know what your truth is?

Do you rush around and put other peoples needs first?

Well, well well you have a big dose on not mattering running you and your life.

How would you like to claim your sovereignty and be the Queen and King of your life?

I believe it is our birthright to feel good and live a life well expressed and lived. To be liberated comes from the core of your being. To live a liberated life you must know that YOU Matter from the inside out. This is not some ideology but a true embodiment of your being and soul.

At the core of it all, every issue that people suffer, the you’s and me’s of the world is because deep inside a child, programmed memory, belief of not mattering is running your show! Call it what you will, but it leads to the same bottomless pit of being victimised and feeling hard done by. Time and time again with all my clients and people I have worked with, this is the one thing that sustains a miserable life.  You’re stuck, get into perfectionism and all manners of ineffective and unhappy living become the order of the day. No matter what external effort you make.

Putting other peoples needs over our own is rife with many, yet we seem to stick onto a holding pattern of staying in fear instead of taking command of our inner being & power. Rafah can help you dismantle your behaviour and give you tools to live from a place of sovereignty and deal with your day to day making long-lasting changes which are productive and conducive to living a life that is true and empowering for all. If this is something you struggle with You Matter is for YOU!

If you but not sure want to dip your toe in, here’s a link to book an exploration call. 

I Matter! Help me affirm this! Book me in! For Full Spectrum

Look forward to serving you,