Family Coaching is designed to provide adaptable and holistic family support and parenting advice including practical and integrative assistance to improve household relationships and environments. As your Family Guide, I will work alongside your family to resolve a range of issues that are impacting your daily functioning and look at all facets of your lives as a whole

Considerations such as individual issues and behaviours, negative child behaviour, parental emotional, mental health and behaviours and attitudes.

Family coaching can be an excellent tool for families to work on achieving unity, as it offers everyone the chance to get together in the same space and set out exactly how they feel. Family coaching sessions are designed to get everyone’s opinions out in the open. In essence, children and teenagers can avoid what they want to say in front of their parents, especially if honest communication have been previously deflected or stifled. Having a coach as a mediator and space holder can bridge miscommunication and misunderstandings. Family coaching is especially useful when family opinion is strained.

Some reasons people seek family coaching include:

  • resolving marital problems
  • addressing work/life balance
  • bringing up children  
  • dealing with problem teenagers
  • dealing with life after separation or divorce
  • bereavement and loss
  • betrayal and affairs
  • side-lined child
  • attitudes
  • boundaries

Young adults are particularly sensitive to the feeling of parents and need to feel safe. Family coaching offers an opportunity to kick-start some positive changes in your daily life. A family coach will help all family members understand where the others are coming from, so a balance can be found between addressing practicalities and enjoying life.

If you think you and your family’s life could do with a slight shake-up, or repair from the ground up, Rafah offers you and your family and nonjudgemental space to bring you back to a unified whole.

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  • Photo by Jessica Rockowitz  – on Unsplash