Feeling Deeply Pisces New Moon

On this Mother’s Day, and the Pisces New Moon – Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac, the one that feels the most and knows deeply – the new moon invites us to heal the old before we move into the new for a rebirth.

Getting quiet, and withdrawing is apt right now.

Preparing for the new, as when Aries new moon in a month’s time which falls in April,  when the new astrological year begins in tune with the seasons and its element –  Spring as we all know contains the seed of new possibility. 

I share with you this beautiful short documentary film, that I hope reminds us that healing has to take place within every one of us, for the planet, Mother Earth and Humanity.

We carry generations of ancestral pain and wisdom reflected in nature all around us. The love that was given or denied by the mothers who gave birth to us we carry through, in all that we do and how we show up. 

To truly love, we must feel deeply, not the egoic kind of love, that is insecure, and co-dependent, needing attention but the kind that serves quietly, to honour life in all forms.

To do that we must feel deeply, heal and commune with nature as much as we can, strengthening our interior nature, within the silence.

And in feeling deeply can we navigate what is true and bring it into sharper focus guiding us to the rightful path of our soul’s journey.

Change is beckoning  – there is no need for control but to open up to the path ahead, paying attention to the signals of what needs to end, what is and who is limiting our progress, showing us that endings are part of the cycle of growth releasing anything that has outgrown us. 

At the end of the month, we have our first eclipse of the year, the Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Like the tide that pulls back giving a better view from afar, spend the next couple of weeks cleaning up, mind, home and body… and preparing for the unexpected – coming in or being pulled out, ( if you don’t do it yourself) –

The universe is so Intelligent that it will do so – for us, to us. 

Either way, it is time to accept the challenges of a new activity cycle and the opportunity to love more deeply within ourselves – so we can birth new life from our inner light – with clarity of intent.

This new moon presents us with the opportunity to do so. 

Spend today reflecting on what you need to do to bring you back home, home to yourself,  to live in truth,  There is no wrong road, for it all leads back to our hearts. Sometimes we have to get angry with ourselves or others to know what is not working for us. Do not let anger stay stuck or for you to stay cold.

A warm heart must be cultivated and nurtured. It is a time to return to the depth of our emotions and the simplicity of happiness. Mother yourself and tend to your needs – don’t wait for another to do so for you.

External validation will never be enough. Only you know deeply what is right for you.

Come home to the arms of Mother Earth, there she will bathe you once more gifting you your inner joy while fostering the meaning of love. 

It is a powerful New Moon to course correct and be intentional about what you want to experience and the people you want to have in your inner circle and sacred space.

Be decisive, clear and live with conviction. Let Love lead, don’t worry about the boundaries you have to put in place and act out of.

This is love in action.

Mark it with prayer and gratitude.

And so it is.



Rafah xx

Let life magic unfold before your senses. Witness the changes be it physical or psychological resulting in releasing the energetic patterns which have you hostage to undesirable conditions. In working with the chakras LIFESCRIPT ENERGY SERIES loosening the hold of your inner child wounding – you will live life freer, filled with truth, heart, and healing.


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