Be true to YOU. Lead your way.

We are not far from the midpoint of Mercury retrograde in Aries, April 1st, and there will be a Full Blue Moon on 31 March 2018.

Many would be experiencing an intense time of conflict, of witnessing where things need to change where we need to step up and liberate ourselves. You know deep down what changes need to happen, where the boundaries need to be put out, what you need to stick to.

This cycle is calling us out on this. So many could be really going through the mill in relationships, employment, needing to step out of hiding.

ENOUGH! is the order of the day.
Where in your life are you finding this?
Where do you need to create more freedom?
What have YOU had enough with and can no longer accept as your own?
Where have you noticed that you have compromised yourself that you don’t even recognise yourself?
Do you think how did I get here?

It is time to claim inner Warrior Archetype, the masculine, whether you are female or male. Be mindful as tempers can flair, and old ways which you thought you had long dealt with people coming out of the woodwork can remind you of what nail needs to be slammed into the coffin.

Somethings need to be left in the past, and certain lessons may remind us where we should have left the lessons/people of the past exactly there in the past.
Communication can be confusing and trigger some of our insecurities.
We are birthing ourselves in some way to create the new.

Whatever your experience at this time, know that is a perfect opportunity to learn, see and feel the clarity, speak your truth and Own it.

The Solar plexus chakra is a really good chakra to fine tune and visualise so it can be recalibrated to support you in the way need to own your power.

Be the fighter for your own cause. Say NO and mean it.
Take a risk in holding to your truth, as those close you will always resist and give you flack for setting boundaries.

People are really good at doing so when we take a stand to nurture ourselves and project blame or attempt to make you feel guilty. No-one likes their system or behaviour being challenged.

Do not fall for the flack. You soul knows. Be true to YOU. Lead your way.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2018


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