Speak up on your behalf

We’ve all at times known or associated people who are what I call
‘ the let downers’. You know the ones who promise to call, show up, drop off something, borrow money, (and not pay it back or fail to show up for when they said they would), Nada, the same Ol yadda yadda of excuses and crap. NO communication.

OH, isn’t it frustrating? And you end thinking why or why did I set myself up again?

Because we have. Sometimes after while we give people the benefit of the doubt and realise that that people don’t often change, which is the painful bit.

If you are someone committed to growth, working on yourself, and have this value of being true to your word, or at least communicating openly about your circumstances, or at the time beyond your circumstances the inability to honour your word, at least let people know where you are at, and appreciate honest communication.

Set yourself free form those who are not on the same wavelength or respect or regard. Forgive and move on.

It’s a reminder to not re-engage with those souls for your peace of mind and heart.

When we have been raised to value others before ourselves, this is a classic resurgence of behaviour imprinted as a child. Others are more important than us. Do to others despite knowing that they do not deserve our countenance. Or whatever religious moral story you were taught twisted to serve God/Goddess.

There is natural conflict too when we wish to come from our moral higher self…but the question to ask is, does it serve?

No. It keeps everyone in a holding pattern, and the chances are they will find someone else to let down or manipulate.

Just do not let it be you. It’s okay to say no and the one to save the day. Especially if ‘the let downers’ have time and time proven to be unreliable.

Let it go and know that Source is your supply. Communicate once the anger has abated to resolve what you can. If you have let yourself rip as the energy currently is potently charged, use that anger to know something needs to be changed. Forgive yourself and the other, see that they are playing a role in your movie for change and liberation.

Whatever you do though, do NOT bottle it up, or not speak up on your behalf.

If you need help with this, focus on your solar plexus (belly area) and breathe into it, imaging the bright gold yellow, this helps to assert your core power, and your throat chakra to speak up and speak your truth. See in your mind’s eye rinsing out any blocks with the colour blue in the throat area, until you feel complete.

This period will lead us to an incredible maturity and is a maturation process that we must undergo. The time is ripe. New beginnings beckon. Gifts will be rewarded for the hard work. It is time to consolidate all that we are, all that we are becoming. In a never-ending spiral of growth, we will expand, be filled with wisdom and experiences to share and Be.

We are moving into a period of inner work and healing. I offer Lifescript™ Energy Series; Every Day Alchemist™   

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We can only truly love ourselves when we integrate and synergise our dark and light. Rather than shoving it, hiding it away, we need to be vulnerable and show up as we are. Tell it how it is. Our life is an art form. We get to integrate it in a way that alchemises our shadow into light. And so it is.

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If you are having any issues with this article in your life do contact me for a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues. I also offer relationship coaching, with or without your partner.

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