Let life teach you

I believe the world reflects what we need to learn and change in ourselves and life.

The world is in quarantine, and we are given the opportunity to cultivate patience and accept that everything happens in Divine order.  I also believe that this COVID-19 is a collective Karmic debt.  For stripping Mother Earth time and time again, raping her nature, discarding it without much respect, by littering, throwing food and being wasteful; disrespectful for the natural ecology and animal life on the planet. The emissions from cars, planes, and industrial industries that has nothing but continually pump out toxicity with minimal regard for the long term consequences. Greedy individuals and companies – man thinking that they are more powerful than life itself. Well, its backfired. Lead by leaders and billionaires egotistical, unethical, and far removed that of a Sacred life.

This event at this time ought to be a significant wake-up call, and collectively we must and take a stand for what we must change and cannot go back to.

Whatever your theories and ideas about this happening, at the end of the day, it’s calling us to restore balance in ourselves, world and planet.

We do not need to be looking at photos of satellite images of the difference this lockdown has had on our planet and our energy field. For a start off we can FEEL it. Hear it, – there’s a sense of stillness and quiet that is more apparent all around us.

What’s more, this external virus is nothing more than an internal infection that we as human beings, have been carrying for so long on a Karmic level.

This major event has woken and hopefully awakening people to see beyond their typical diatribe of, self-importance, busy and mental noise. People more than ever are outdoors, walking, exercising, hopefully enjoying nature, and basking in her full glory of generosity, nurturance, and love. What’s more, this forced time of taking stock ought to reconfigure many into responding to call.

The cosmic law of Karma was understood by Shamans not in a moralistic sense of ‘what you sow you reap’ but as the very nature of life itself. In other words, violence begets violence; disrespect begets disrespect, so forth and so on. We are all responsible for our actions and the subsequent consequences – sooner or later, it will show up.

So while Karma is not punishment, like the fear-mongering concept, it is about doing intentional harm to another, that includes animals, plants, and Earth itself is an intention of violence against Life force itself.

What we need to ask is:

  • How have we got here?
  • Where can we do to show more respect?
  • What can we do individually to ensure that we do not go back to the world we have been occupying?
  • What must WE do to restore its balance?

While these are all outer questions, it is a reflection of our inner. In the notion that we are all one, we are all responsible for the change we need to see and become. 

You all know I’m all about the personal evolution, that it is precisely through the shift we make individually, can the transform collectively. One man’s change affects the whole.

One man’s soul choice can alter someone’s life in ways we cannot sometimes begin to fathom.

Time to wake up!

We have all been asleep. We cannot do harm if we have any consciousness. Restoring our sense of harmony must come from conscious awareness and not casting a blind eye to what’s out there in hopes that something or someone outside of ourselves will fix it and rescue us. Isn’t this how most people live? Leave it to politicians, police, people of ‘authority’?

Without wanting to take any accountability for their part or actions –  the result of what life is showing them. So instead, ‘so and so will fix it’. ‘The doctors will sort my health out.’ I’m not responsible for healing the mind, body and soul. ‘I’ll just get some tablets.’ or ‘I’ll totally bypass what I’m doing and experiencing and just move on to the next relationship and throw more crap out because that would be the easier route.’ Yay, baby, bring it on!

I’ll just get anti-depressants because that way, I don’t have to feel my feelings and honestly figure out where my feelings of darkness, anger, and fear are coming from. I’ll just stuff it down, continue to work at a job I hate,  get the money coming because I believe I can’t show up myself, and I have to people please and do what is expected of me. Hold onto emotions I’d rather deny, stay in dead relationships and marriages…’

And so in disrespecting myself, I’ll just disrespect everybody else out there and mother nature herself or let people treat me in a way that disrespects me, my boundaries, and my values. All because of somewhere deep inside of me, I believe I’m not enough’. 

Now let me make something clear. Life happens, and shit happens whether we like it or not. Often it is not about our inherent value. But it can mirror our maladapted self, and at times it is a call for us to step into our soul calling.

E.g., A mother who, who gives birth to a defected child and then is called to bring awareness of the condition so she, her child, and others on the same situation will not have to endure what she knows that does not support or has any support.

Take me, for example. My teachings on the whole and am a massive advocate for nurturing, nourishing, and owning the core self. Why? Because these factors were the critical deficits in my childhood and most likely past lifetimes. That now is my asset, as I have spent all of my adult life reclaiming, learning, releasing shame, judgment, embracing powerlessness versus where I have power, onto educating.

The question to ask here is, ‘Where don’t I have power vs. where do I?’ Powerlessness vs. Power.

These are reflections we must take part in our inner and outer life daily. Out of that, we make choices, unconsciously, or consciously.

Life is a path. I repeat. Life is a path—a soul journey. 

Often it requires perseverance relentless sometimes, in our challenges and repetitive learning, until we get it, and sometimes it is our soul path to endure things we would not wish for it happen to anyone.

So we’ve got to accept light and shadow equally. It is part of the Divine. It is part of nature – Life itself.

What the world is reflecting or rather life, is how we can grow into our potential. Our shadow side as a collective whole is what has brought us here.

As we recognise are all things are one, we can individually and collectively do more for the planet and take steps that whatever is bothering us is worth getting clarity over.

The answer always lies within. It is time to nurture our inner and outer life. And in nurturing our inner being, it would be reflected out in harmony, love, peace, and more joy.

These are not for an exclusive few, but all. ‘As a man thinketh,’ James Allen, the famous quote. We have the power within ourselves to change our thinking, the concept of ourselves, and who we must become to serve others.

What can you be doing at this time of perseverance during the lockdown? Because despite the outer restrictions, we live in an energetic container, whether in the field of marriage, work, home life, the limitations it is as wide, as vast, as large or small as you perceive to be.

It is easy to get caught up in the fear, lack, frustrations, feeling hard done by,  filled with regret for errors of the past, anything we have no control over, like the unknown. 

What we can do, though, is be more nurturing. This is where we have power.

  • What does nurturing look like to you?
  • What does nurture mean to you?
  • Where can we/I bring more love and nurturance right now?
  • What needs our/my attention?
  • What can you/I do to feel this loving essence?

Have a long relaxing bath? Lie down of the luscious green grass? Smell nature and hear the trees rustling in the breeze and the birds chirping? Get int touch with friends and connect from presence?

When we feed ourselves with nurturance, we can also be that – to the rest of the world. In the light of this restriction, our outer life of all the hustle and bustle while taken away is actually a good thing!  I sincerely hope people are getting back to give themselves the time and nurturance in all that can feed their souls.

This strange time offers us a gift to connect with ourselves, what is essential, that is of value, to open our hearts to kindness, and create some love in our inner and outer life today.

Show up by all means in supporting causes, your creativity, and voice. Perhaps make some plans for the future and really start in the grounding of ideas?

It is not a time to hold back but also time to enjoy, appreciate life in earthly matters, the connection of your skills, talents, and offerings – tap into your activism and be the change you want to see in the world.

Honour your feelings

Many of us would have also endured many different emotions coming up, from grief, anger, frustration and pain and experience some emotional turmoil at this time. I  know I have and it has reflective of what the energy of the times are. Know that you aren’t going bipolar, and your emotions are not wrong, or to be ashamed of, like ‘I’m not doing life very well’…Or ‘ shouldn’t be feeling this way’.

After a meltdown of feeling overwhelmed,  a few days ago, unable to cope with the work I was engaging with at the time. I was on a Zoom call with my VA, where I was able to pinpoint my anger, frustration on how I allowed myself to get hijacked by a others actions, instead of honouring myself and taking care of myself and charge at the time, and doing something about it.

After a reflective time out, having screeched off the call, ‘I can’t do this, I can’t do this right now’…taking stock in nursing my emotions and engulfment of tiredness, I lay in bed just connecting to my breath and cocooning myself.

I could see, while well-intended on my VA’s part to promote my youtube video, a few days beforehand I had told her that I needed time out for a week or so as I could feel the need to take time out. I was not feeling all that great either. My glands were up, the first sign for me of heading toward burnout or fatigue, I had upped my physical activities, quite a bit, cycling distances and exercising, mainly because the weather consistently brightening up just as we were in the throes of lockdown… All this energy needed expending.

Working from home has always afforded me the luxury of going outdoors at any time of the day. But here in the UK, the cold weather halts my progress each year despite my desire to workout, as indoors and outdoors tends to become too inconsistent and not consistent enough. Yep, I do some form of yoga and walk, but kick-ass workout? Nope, that tends to emerge as life springs itself too.

Rather unexpectedly after the Easter weekend, there was all this flurry, comments and likes on my Youtube channel that I was encouraged by my VA to respond and interact and felt enormous pressure to deliver another vlog etc, all the while I just wanted to stop. What did I do? In order not to upset the momentum and my VA for her effort and taking the initiative to set my video with keywords, and in the right audience group, I went along with it all.

Well, you can imagine what happened next. On our scheduled Monday call, I was agitated as a restless bee, fully irritated by another situation of a guy who would be house-sitting and renting my flat – for when I go back to Portugal. He continually evaded my calls, texts and not by returning my calls had created a sense instability and despite my putting my boundary up (timeline) in both cases.

My meltdown was completely warranted and a sign from the outer, what I was not adhering to from my inner. I was able to see while I rested my inner child with my nurturing ‘parent’ how my adaptive behaviour which has been in operation again but this time in HD.

I called a halt to my vlogging and further emails out of ‘time’ and commanded that all action for now to stopped and back off! Rather harsh I know, but, felt that my pace of the project was being taken over ( despite that I made it clear that I want my channel to grow organically and do not have the space to get over engaged)  and I was not in the driver’s seat and nor what I was asking being heard. I recall hearing my own voice saying, ‘what part of my boundaries do you and Jake not get?’ 

And there you have it just like that, it mirrored back to me, it was I who had gone along with the breach of boundary or in Jakes case, put up with his continual defiance and disrespect of my need to contact me at a certain time. So, of course, the powerlessness in me was calling out for where I had forgone my own inner truth and called me to see where I needed to shift back into my Power. Dang!

So, I called a halt, to the project and re-engaged with my need to nurture myself despite the fact it was a week or so overdue, and very needed.

And well, with Jake, I’ve now offered the flat so someone else that the Universe gifted me since I took charge and reengaged my core with what needed to be done. Along the way, I was sensing that actually he wasn’t the right guy for my place because I needed someone I could rely on and would show up, or at the very least communicate back when I tried to reach him.

Life has a way of re-routing things once we get it! I am done with people who simply could not keep their word or promise. NO more people-pleasing!!!! More on this theme, in The New Awareness post 

These times are offering a chance of becoming more solid in what we want, who we want to be, where we want to go and flow.

New moon theme and ritual

This New Moon in Taurus April 23, 2020, GMT offers us an intentional setting relating to ‘grounding, all earthy matters such as money, beauty, home, love, how we live, what we do…our successes and anything related to pleasure. ( Taurus is ruled by Venus). Very timely, as we are weeks in, now to lock down it is a fertile time to cultivate our plans and in some way be like the cave bear and go inward or to take up the activity of gardening and weeding, reorganising, cleaning, many around here are doing DIY  – all appropriate past-times to do with the home and cultivating.

Spending time to handcrafts and such like where the body-mind is engaged in doing allows the mind to quieten in action while doing focused work. Menial tasks are good for grounding the soul without overthinking. Meditation in action if you like.

If you feel moved to do ritual: Good time to set intentions and launch new deals, projects and what would have you enjoy life more. Could be financial security etc, community, tribes a place where you can belong. 

Have a ritual notebook, candle, incense to clear old energies or a rattle, sage or anything. Could be feathers you have found. To sweep away what you need to let go of.

  • Sit by your altar or a scared space for your prayers and rituals. I suggest you create one, as it holds the energy of intention, scaredness and space for invocations, healing your spiritual practice.
  • Light the candle and incense. Make up a prayer to call in your allies, spirit guides and angels…
  • Ask to release the old, and all that needs to be released. It could be your emotions, negative thinking, fear, a person, a job – just trust your prayer is being handled.
  • Write out a few things you REALLY want to see happen and create
  • Narrow the list down to three – can be short term or long term
  • Really feel and imagine what you are intending. Breathe it and fell it.
  • Invoke ‘If this is for my highest good, I surrender my will to the will of Love’.

The last part is very important as the Universe often directs us and despite what we may think we want may not be for us, so we need to allow to be lead.

That said, Richard Lawrence – Author of Journey Into Supermind is known to have said – Naive people will often make a pledge or a commitment which they can not keep because it was not made deep enough within them. There is much truth in this. When we truly look at the depth and alignment of ourselves toward a choice or decision it is often NOT fully aligned.  And or it could involve other people, therefore, it can take another to break the pledge despite your desires.

I’ll end on this quote which sits on my desk as a daily reminder.

If you limit your choice only to what seems possible or reasonable – you disconnect yourself from what you truly want… and all that is left is a compromise. – Robert Fritz

Don’t you love that? Well if that isn’t a compass to lead yourself by then…I don’ t know what.

Blessed be.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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