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It is clear that we are still all skating on thin ice, as far as the pandemic is concerned, and the world and our current situation is far from being smooth.

My last newsletter and article, Let Life Teach You I recommend you go back and read it as the clue to where we need to go is in there especially if you have not read it already.

Gemini New moon, GMT 18.38 on the 22nd May 2020.

This new moon in Gemini is expressed by its sun and moon, in trine with Jupiter and Saturn and with Pluto squaring Mars. What does this all mean? There will be much flow and conflict as we journey forward in building something new, meaningful, long-standing, and that has true value to the world and more importantly to ourselves. Many peoples identity is being stripped with their livelihood on hold, their existence and how their values and purpose now no longer functioning in the same way, how else can they bring meaning to their lives?

If you are no longer measured by your status or the money you earnt or the position you held, then what?

Venus also is in retrograde in Gemini. Therefore, here is the time to ask ourselves core questions on integrating ourselves into a new wholeness. More on that below.

I try to avoid heavy discussions on astrology and feel free to comment and let me know. There are times when it’s hard for me to not to bring the conversation of the sky into my writing, as it informs us all, of what is happening on a personal level and collectively.

Hopefully, by now, you know that New Moon as the dark phase of the moon ( so no moon in the night sky that we can see), and is about new beginnings where we sow our seeds for harvest later. This is why setting intentions is particularly powerful at the time of the new moon. Many who are into permaculture, Shamans and the Native Americans recognise the effects of nature and its cycles with the moon will harvest its plants and herbs during the time of the new moon and the moon cycles in general. As with our minds, body and spirit as well. Honouring the seasons and change of cycles means we are in tune with the planet, nature and the energetic field – right now this profoundly on our sacred space, on the Earth and our own space. 

In brief, going back to the new moon energy, it is a really good time to learn something new.  Interestingly, many are and having to due to the work structures changing through the global lockdown and with Gemini – being ruled by air, thinking and communicating is very much at the forefront.  A new language, method of working, learning new internet platforms, how we do business, how we want to show up, in terms of communicating, and thinking, and express our selves are all calling our attention.

Saturn, the stabilising planet, in Trine with the new moon in Gemini, offers us staying power and being headstrong, in our will to plough through this time despite the sense of chaos and overwhelm we could be experiencing.  We may find that our minds are filled with many ideas, fears and troubles.

If you are engaging in the higher octave of this energy of creation, you may need to narrow it down to one or two things as Mars in Pisces can make things quite foggy, and jarring.  This is doubly emphasised with mercury ( planet of communication, thinking )  squaring venus – a planet of values, meaning at the time of this new moon, you will find that you had one thing planned to do for the day, and find yourself having to reconfigure the plans because your mind and your value for the day is at odds. Just go with the flow.

Everyone’s routine has been shaken and dismantled, these last few weeks – not a bad thing at all but fully threatening to those who have held on tightly to their identity, and structure of work and income. For the youngsters at colleges, education now swimming in doubt without a compass or knowing what to do. Understandably so.

That said, the need for utilising our intuition day to day has been accentuated. If you are someone on FB or any social media platform, TV all the time and have your head in some distraction, then your intuition will be foggy at best and not operating in its optimal way. Rather in a rote way of living that many have engaged in for as long as society has known it.

Focusing on the Third Eye at this time will really help to become discerning, get clear, have clarity release the dithering. It will offer you laser-sharp focus in mind beyond what you see. Knowing without knowing, needs to be cultivated right now. Getting out of our heads and setting the stage for more trust and surrender.

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Also, I have been vlogging and offering information on how to deal in times of crisis, instability through certain keys.  The next one here offers the importance and cultivation of the Sixth Key at this time and the importance of getting clear, seeing things and listening to the nuances of what is speaking to you. Right now, more than ever must we get in touch with what has true value for us, from our core and not the thinking that got us here or repeating certain patterns or keeping certain obligations, and affiliations.

If you know where you are going, it ain’t anywhere new – Linda Star Wolf, Shaman

The virus has happened to wake us up from the trivialities of life and how were are engaging with the world, in our personal, life, work-life, and what matters most. Especially how we have been treating the earth and affecting nature. We know that our earth and planet has a profound place in hearts and must be prioritised as with altruistic endeavours. This will be highlighted and many will be pulled to find this, or tune into what and where our time, money and or help can be offered. The penumbral lunar eclipse on June 5th 2020, as with all the eclipses we have been having, is a directing us to a WAKE-UP CALL and giving us a boot up the rear to pay attention to our relationship to the plants, and animals and all of the life all around us. Disrespect to each other and nature is a manifestation of the disrespect we have of ourselves, collectively.

It is the reconnection to the sacred feminine and not to go back to how things were – but instead to move toward the Aquarian Age of the balance between the masculine and the feminine – our Sacred Purpose.

The importance of Venus retrograde 

Venus retrograde offers us the opportunity we have to get in touch with our values from our core (our hearts) as the skies will have it, we are asked to take stock, evaluate our life, our inner circle with ruthless honesty. If you have been seeing life and noticing what is it informing you, this retrograde will help you in getting clarity with what is truly important to you.

If you are having major ding-dongs with your partner, wife, husband, parents, friend, or anyone for that matter,  – you need to ask

  • Who and what is occupying my space and time?
  • Where am I not really listening?
  • Which of my values does not fit here? How important is it to me? ( watch out for the trickster here – where the duality of value exists)
  • Where am I compromising myself resulting in drama frustration?

Venus retrograde in Gemini, which began on April 9th set up phase, but officially parked in retrograde May 13th  – June 25th 2020, then moves into its integration phase July 28th 2020. The setup and integration phase it is a ripple on the effect of the rumble if you like.

Just imagine a boat along a river, and as its getting closer to you, the tide energy is generating more movement, but once it passes, you find that the tide is rougher and more active, so as with the planet when it goes into a motion of retrograde and forward motion it has the repercussions of its archetypal themes and stages of settling back.

My last essay, the essence of it was very much in the set-up and a gateway to where we are now and need to be.

Venus in retrograde is not only about bringing to light our close, personal relationships, – as in romantic relationships but EVERYBODY, in your sphere, it’s allowing us to surrender old patterns, dualistic thinking and move into unconditional love.

Please note I am not condoning relationships to end or separate because its full of conflict and or major cycles of repetitive, bickering arguing and hurling our pain and suffering.  No.

Our values over time naturally change, and as we grow in age and in our soul evolution. What mattered back to us in our 20’s 30’s 40’s or whatever age you are, or evolutionary timeline, – this will depend on your commitment to your inner world. Like I mentioned, time and time again, if you continue to bypass your growth and let your shadow aspect make choices for you, you will find yourself going round and round, creating same old results but with different people. If you genuinely want to change your life and find your self stuck and don’t know how I can help you.

Venus highlights our esteem system and helps us to reevaluate our relationships and how we relate to ourselves. We must seek more nourishing engagements in all aspects of our lives. This means if you have a vampire in your life, you need to look at why you are the blood donor. If you are or have a tendency to veer toward a narcissistic relationship, you need to look at what part of your codependent empath is active and where your esteem still needs work. If your friends don’t esteem you but underhandedly put you down, you need to pay attention to that.

If you have an ‘I am not-enoughness’, running you, notice what you do when someone pulls back. Do you go running after them and insist to make your presence known? Do suddenly show up and start adapting yourself to be seen and recognised?’ Do more, offer more despite that was not required of you?

Do you run after or attach yourself to a guy or married or otherwise, to who someone who is clearly is not fully engaging in your relationship, or bypassing a need or request that is important to you, and the relationship comes with all manners of lame excuses and are you still holding on or wanting it to be different?

Relationships are a perfect arena for soul growth and an opportunity for you to see where the wound on your part is played out. That said if one of the partners refuses to develop, or holds little awareness,  growth is unlikely and for the relationship to sustain itself and continue to reach the depth of love and sacredness it offers.

In reality, many enter relationships to fulfil some economic and egoic need ( only because we have not been taught to be conscious of the soul work of our choices) that when the real stuff starts to surface and cause turmoil the inner wounding starts to navigate the terrain causing all forms of havoc and pain. This is why there are more separations and divorce rates as most people jump in too quickly, jump ship when it becomes too hard, and or refuse to make the journey a sacred one, but rather one of convenience, safety and superficial connections disguised as love. Here is a healing guided meditation to aid you.

I do not write this to make anybody wrong or to shame. NO, not at all. We’ve all done this and been there. But as an offering of in becoming conscious we are all on the road of recovery and evolution. That the change, therefore, must begin with you.

It is about honouring our Sacred space.

We can only get back to the purity of our hearts, when we stop bertaying ourself over and over again. – Rafah Sabbagh

Great time to assess our authentic values vs ones that we adopted through cultures wounding, the family of origin, of the patriarchal era and narcissistic society we have become. I mean who gives a shit about the Kardashians and it is beyond my understanding as to how and why people are so fixated with such shallow stories and the size of someone’s butt shape? Really???? It makes me cry and laugh at the same time at the sheer insanity of it! We have been bombarded with images that are illusions, which distort our perception of what is real and important, and have no true value in the scheme of life. More and more I witness people not caring, playing out their pain in a form of disregard for anyone else but themselves. It makes me very sad.

We need to command respect, for ourselves and the right to All living beings, including the planet to lead a life rich with meaning and purpose.

New Moon Ritual

For this new moon, and with Venus in retrograde, I suggest you spend some time in nature and connecting your feet on the grass and basking out in nature and fully in gratitude its beauty and offerings.

Find a quiet space, reflect and answer the questions of what needs to be balanced in your sacred space. Here are some questions that you can reflect on. Take a journal with you, so you can really inquire and trust what shows up and who shows up.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • How do I feel about myself?
  • How do I value myself?
  • What is being shown to me via peoples actions? Am I surrounded by people that respect me and I can relate to?
  • Am I surrounded by people that value me?
  • Honour my personal boundaries and my Sacred space?
  • Do I need to put a firmer boundary or make my boundaries clear, if so how?
  • Am I being affirmed by those around me?
  • Who affirms me, and why? If not, why are they in my life?
  • In what areas do I notice a disregard? What is it telling me?

We need to take a good look at ‘Who we allow into our life’ into our Sacred Space. Notice how you feel after an interaction.

This can be in our home, our energetic field, the jobs we say yes to, our friendships, people we have dealings with.  People of our Facebook stream…Just get curious and note and be the observer of your life. We’ve done a lot of Karmic letting go and burning last Full Moon in Scorpio, May 7th 2020, so now note who or where you are not respecting peoples spaces or where people are acting that way toward you.

What will you do? This can be applied to all aspects of our treatment to nature and Mother Earth. Every action we take can either enhance or destroy or show disrespect. We need to see the overall picture and see it as how as human beings, we are learning to love ourselves enough to command respect for all of life. 

It is time to clean out own back yards and weed out all that no longer serves and create a healthier life and Earth Mother.

Through our in-breath and out-breath and the space in between is the Sacred Space. When we get in touch with the consciousness of the breath, we might recognise the importance of what we must value that all life moves in its natural balance and it is up to us to rectify this in ourselves. It is not our business what another is doing or not. Everything and everyone must be honoured, and it is our personal healing that brings us back home. 

This is not about casting the shadow out but using the darkness and alchemising it into the light and paying attention to our dreams very sixth key and in dreaming up a new story and forging new relationships, with yourself and others. It’s looking at the lessons we need to learn so we can have the kind of relationships we want.

Also, an excellent time with the new moon to sow the seeds of what gifts and talents we can bring together to create something greater. With the times we are in, it couldn’t be more apt that we integrate and synthesise apparent polarities and oppositions that we are experiencing personally and professionally. (very Gemini).

If you feel moved to do a ritual to go deep to recognise the duality in your being.

Have a ritual notebook, candle, incense to clear old energies or a rattle, sage or anything. Could be feathers you have found. To sweep away what you need to let go of.

  • Sit by your altar or sacred space for your prayers and rituals. I suggest you create one, as it holds the energy of intention, scaredness and space for invocations, healing your spiritual practice.
  • Light the candle and incense. Make up a prayer to call in your allies, spirit guides and Animal Spirit…
  • Ask to release the old, and all that needs to be released. It could be your emotions, negative thinking, fear, a person, a job – just trust your prayer is being handled.
  • Write out a few things you REALLY want to happen and create
  • Really feel and imagine what you are intending. Breathe it and fell it.
  • Invoke ‘If this is for my highest good, I surrender my will to the will of Love’.

Whatever life dream or visions that are important to us can be actualised and we will begin to see the first sprouts of this possibility by December 2020 – when we are in Sagittarius, setting the stage for many years to come. Visioning now and setting the intention to create life as an Art form that is balanced and in harmony to the self is where we are all called to go toward. Our Sacred path is calling, and renegotiating ourselves is part of the course.

To make something sacred, we must ‘sacrifice’ through conscious choice a lower value system for a higher value for ourselves and life itself. 

Everyday Alchemist is the path to a Sacred Life, where there is no confusion between where you need to be, what you do and who you surround yourself with. Every action and response moment to moment is in harmony with you. The programme will have you call on your shit so you can become aware of where the root of lack of self-love is and how it plays out and why.

This is the Sacred way. We can only do so when we integrate and call on the Divine/God to show what our work in the world is, when we disengage from All that has no resonance in the heart. Only then, will be ignited from forces beyond ourselves and thinking.

This is not a path just for others, but one that you can claim and dream up for yourself.

Light up your way, and begin to forge your path to Sacred Living.

Blessed Be,



© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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