Home is where your heart is

This time is very much about feeling and honouring our feelings more than usual.

Feel them.

Speak them out.

Express them if you can, but do not ignore them.

I was only saying to a dear friend of mine the other day on the phone, how grateful I felt despite some difficult, messy emotions I have had to deal with and for the several months that I was able to nurture myself, stay home, before the lockdown, tend to my feelings, after a heartbreak and sleep in the afternoon if that is what my body-mind needed to take a nap, go for a walk I was able to do so and had carved my life in such a way.

It wasn’t until the lockdown for many that life on one’s own rhythm was much experienced and no doubt for many brought a whole load of discomfort, and I hope a new awareness of self-care and comfort.

The Solar Eclipse on the June 21st GMT, 07.21 am here in the UK follows the World Axis Point, The Solstice. Intensifying our past, clearing Karmic pain and connections, stories and struggles of many many years preceding this moment and day. This is also due to the current planetary setup, more on that later. 

What does this mean? 

The image above is from the Osho Zen Tarot deck.‘ Receptivity’ It popped into my mind as I started to think about my new moon article and knew immediately the essence of what this new moon is bringing us, me and the world at large.

We do need to be receptive and allow ourselves to go into a ‘no-mind’ zone—the place of allowing, receiving – swimming in the depth of our feeling and emotions. Not holding back, if you see the image, she is naked, so revealing herself as she truly is—nothing to hide and not to hide. There is no head there in the illustration, but instead a lotus flower of wisdom, the all-knowing and all-encompassing. Sparks of inspiration, intuition and connection to the Divine and embracing her Divine Feminine. Very apropos for the Cancer New Moon Energy.

The energy flows from all directions coming in and going out—the balanced heart.  The green stem leads from her throat down to the central core of her heart. The strands then flow out, as if they were feelers, and tentacles. This is what we must be doing now. Tuning in, and feeling our way through life. NOT WITH THE HEAD as we been trained to do.

No more talking yourself in or out of a situation, just trust what you see, hear and sense. Easier said than done, I know. Sometimes.

Speaking from the heart. Heartfelt communication is also the order of the day. So no matter what may be going out in the unhealed individuals, – riots, fears, victimisation, poor me stories and compassion is key and also know that people are where they are, and that’s no bearing to you. If it doesn’t work for you, walk away, leave it alone, leave it behind and do not get hijacked by others dramas, fear-mongering news etc.

Walking away from those friends, work and such like who you know are not doing it for you, is fine too.

If you have been paying attention to your soul, working with your inner wounds and walking the steps to healing, you will be rising. If not, many who haven’t will be sinking deep into the depths where emotions and will be pulled toward healing. They must. Also, we must be able to hold the space and be a container to those who are struggling with their shadow aspect, especially if you are related to them or close by. Stay disengaged, centred, and poised. A balanced heart Chakra is imperative. 

If you are not on my email list, you can sign up on the sidebar, but in this months newsletter, there is a Heart Chakra Tune-up to heal and strengthen. The link to receive this months newsletter is here.

There will be much confusion and polarity for many and need to break out from their limitedness and behaviour. If you find your self this state, be open to receive what you need.

The Cancer New moon is the culmination of what has begun a year and a half ago and is conjunct to Gemini at 29º where the North Node is now and will be for the next 18 months and South Node in Sagittarius. Emotions of old could be riding high, as the eclipse energy tends to be like a tide pulling out and many would-be feeling this. The strength of this one is amped up! Be mindful in all your interactions.

The other fact is that the degrees in which this Solar eclipse is happening in 00ºin Cancer both the Sun and the Moon never has the alignment been so ever.
Very much the theme of compassion, heart and collectively experiencing the need to of the feminine, kindness to ourselves the world at large.

Venus also is still in retrograde in Gemini. Therefore, here is the time to ask ourselves core questions on integrating ourselves into a new wholeness. More on that on my last post – Relearning what’s true for you

The question to be with right now is
* What am I feeling?
* What is tugging my heart?
* Where do I want to be?
* How do I want to serve?
* Who do I want to serve?

It is time to purge away old stories and heal relationships, merge ourselves in toward the new even if we have no idea how or what will get us onto our new path but to trust the calling of the heart. 

A year of unfolding, the opening up, and being receptive to what wants to come through and what comes through. We have to be prepared for world-changing events. The last Cancer New Noon in this configuration was June 2001, can you recall what significant thing happened to you personally? In the world?

New moon Solar eclipse energies ripple on for six months and beyond sometimes. We all witnessed the World Trade centre, falling 9/11. This was on the back of the Cancer Solar eclipse in June 2001, world-changing event. It was a collective wake up call. No longer were the warlike trouble limited to the Middeleast or some other land, but in the USA. This shook up the world and was the first call for love, unity and affected many around the world! It was a shocker and devastating.

Personally and much closer to home I was offered an assignment ( out of the blue) with a TV production company that had me on Ch4 Model Behaviour a for a popular programme of hunting for the next national young model. I was their body guide and chaperone. Interestingly for me, for this Eclipse my Cancer falls in 00º 09 also..so its right on my Cancer and in the 8th house! It’s about nurturing and mothering. Being the Nourisher and interesting I’ve woken up today with a seriously huge fear of losing my mother and the need to go and see her. I also have my moon in Cancer and Jupiter both in the 8th house.

To see where the Solar eclipse hits your chart, check out where your Cancer and what house it falls in. Check out what planets, if you have, is there too. It will give you a broader sense and understanding with where you will be most affected. Cancer is the nurturer and mother figure of the zodiac. Family of origin themes will be coming up. For healing and transforming – issues lurking, I offer sessions via Zoom.

Healing is huge right now. Reprogramming is required. Loving ourselves is a must. Working with the heart chakra and any heart-centred work a must. We have a boon of retrogrades and magically aligned to happen to cause a ripple on effect. Venus stations her retrograde motion on the 24th June and goes direct in Gemini on June 28th, but there will be integration phase, that takes it to July 11th 2020. This is why checking in with our values is so important now.  Venus Retrograde here, midway through the article.

Mercury Retrograding in Cancer June 18th joins the retrograde party of Saturn ( in Aquarius) but will be joining Pluto & Jupiter in Capricorn, and with Neptune retrograding in Pisces June 22, 2020. Lots of reforming and reviewing and reconnecting with our thoughts, feelings and what actions we need take. So the energies are about regrouping and re-evaluating where we stand currently, personally and collectively.

This is a time to see and watch what can happen and we must take care of ourselves and lead the way. New Chapter is calling.

Time for blooming

To do so we need to release what has been internalised. Healing from here is a must. Reset emotionally and doing the work will bring healing and understanding or at the very least hard based conversations need to a happen once and for all to embark on a clean slate. 

Some of you would have stepped into Higher Consciousness and have noticed your interactions have changed.

That you are more in control of your emotions and coming from love, not the wounded kind and one that has been bypassed through woo-woo thinking. You are able to engage in life and with others from your truth, & heart, one that is grounded. Boundaries are firm and clear, with self-regard and respect.

When life doesn’t go in your favour or so it seems you are more accepting and able to go moment to moment. Trusting all will be revealed in the right space and time. Sense of calm and serenity fills you. Off course this does not mean you are a pushover, but able to call it out from an inner self – the buddha self if you like.

This New Moon will offer the opportunity to see how far we have come. Individually and collectively. And start heeding where home is for you. Where is your heart calling you? 

Keep the faith and no matter what. Your good will come. Everyone’s timing is different but flowering is assured. May need to review a few things along the way but connecting to our hearts as a daily practice will keep us on track with ourselves and others.

Best Ritual now would be to release all that needs to go. It could be sorrow, anger, the why’s? – why me? What did I do to get this lot? How come nothing right truly happens to me? Why is it no matter I what I do I don’t get anywhere? When is it my time? Some of these cycles have existed for 35 years! It’s a long time.

Rest assured it is a reset time now.

Hold the vision maybe for what you want and where you want to go, that said with all the planets retrograde around this New Moon not best for new ideas, starts or intentions. Be patient, like a loving mother to her child, as the child becomes frustrated in its actions. Self-soothing and trust are critical. 

What to do

This dark moon asks of us to bury the old once and for all. This closure and release is the best thing we can be doing as we close our current book as we reflect back the last cycle to write a new one.

What themes do we want to experience? New themes will become apparent if you don’t know for sure. Give it a few weeks, and it will be clearer.

Many events outside of ourselves are occurring as a wake-up call. To see how much has been corrupted and hidden. Be it #blacklivesmatter –

We all matter. All of the life matters. You matter.

The inner and outer damages are becoming more apparent and will continue to do so. Time for turning points globally. This Eclipse is particularly highlighted as it coincides through the axis of the world, point, the Summer Solstice, in the northern hemisphere, and Winter in the southern,

The power lies within ourselves. Each and our own healing serves to move the world like the water rippling. Its the ripple effect.

If you can carve time to reflect, and commune in nature, it is the best thing you can be doing. If you have some old story running you, write it out and burn it. Writing helps to get it out of your body-mind, and burning an old ritual with the use of fire. If you have chiminea or a fire pit, I highly recommend doing this.

Pray. ‘I ask and intend that all my pain and sorrows all those who let me down, transgressed me and those who carelessly, only thought of themselves, without thought of their actions, those who behaved in a way that devalued me or where life seems to have served up duff people and or set cards…’ are now released. You get the gist.

This is not bypassing but expressing what you want to and need to say. Bypassing is Avoiding the problem or issue what’s bothering you.  – when you ignore the truth in you. You have to get to the truth of the matter and hurt. Not skim over it with love and light, but say ‘YOU know what God I am pissed off!! Give me an F….ing break! or I feel…. Or actually say what needs to be said. What is important is not what some else thinks but what is important that you speak your truth.

Not everyone is good at giving us real space for our expression, honouring our true feelings without becoming defensive or feel that it needs fixing. It does NOT. If you need to book a session where you need to feel heard and know that you matter.

I feel the time has come for everyone to shed the losses, be it time, businesses, dreams and emotionally purge. It will be so much better in the long run.

Reset and rest. We can do that once we get it out.  You have to trust all serves a purpose and for  our higher good, growth and evolution. 

It’s a Radical Reset.

The upcoming energy will change.

We are One Love. To get there, we need to embrace all, the good, bad and the ugly. Forgive, forgive forgive – Each and every one of ourselves. We are all in our own orb of life and experiences – what we have been taught, made and learn to feel, passed down etc – sometimes all we need is to be understood, We all need that, instead of fighting our corner.

North Node on Cancer has been with us for the last year and a half and this eclipse is the culmination of what opened in us collectively,  hopefully, learnt to do with our emotions. The next Cancer NN cycle in 2028.

I wish you all a great transition into the New. For yourself and the planet.

Trust your heart. It will lead the way.

Your soul is guiding you. Keep your vibe high. Avoid negative news, thinking and people. If you can’t do not wear it.

Take your self to a loving space of gratitude for all that is. For all is where love can be found once we get to acceptance.

Being with where we are is honouring the heart. From there, we can begin to trust ourselves and life once again.

From here and out, the growing movement of ourselves, life and direction must come from the heart.

That’s home.

Blessed be.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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