Moving Away from Vs Moving Foward

In light of this theme that is around, I have been observing myself and my life – posing this one question ‘ Am I moving away from? vs Am I making decisions to move forward? ‘over and over again in determining the direction of what I need to do, what needs to go, what needs to stay, and what decisions are a priority.

These questions are to be reflected on a daily basis moment to moment. This is how we are to claim our unique selves, knowing that we are fundamentally perfect for our own path.

What fits one does not mean it fits another. What can feel wrong for you, may not be the case for another. This is about rather recognising your own unique self. And having the balls to follow through on your truth.

If you have been raised to obey no doubt like most, it is easy to hide, conform and go with the masses, just as not to rock the boat. It is time to come out of your closet of yourself.

This full moon in Taurus is begging for us to own our soul’s truth and values, to check in with ourselves what is causing discomfort, pain, and fear – what we find intolerable, and this is not something to put up with but steer yourself away from needless suffering.
There are dark hours at the moment, taking us back to our childhood perhaps, in the way we are being addressed or handled. The question to ask yourself is what needs to be resolved, amended, and reconciled.

Talking to our inner child or doing inner excavation work, speaking your truth, speaking up despite what may want to be passed over, this Full moon calls to blast the old out, the times perhaps you couldn’t as a child, but find under an authoritarian voice you stun yourself into silence – vowing that you will not tolerate this kind of treatment or tone by nurturing your inner child as it reminds you clearly the times you were too small and overruled by your guardians.

Observe the emotions that surface and nurture yourself in any way that you can. Shed a few tears that are coming up for you, write them out in your journal, and make amends with your past. Our soul is calling us to pay attention to show others the real you. Once you own the soul truth you can move forward.

Putting boundaries where your needs and wants need to be met. That said, they can only be met once you pay attention to what your priorities are and what you truly need and want at the moment.

Boundaries allow us to protect ourselves, by nurturing our needs and intentions so we can follow our ‘own’ true selves.

Let me share a really simple example.
While guesting at a friend’s house, going out one evening for dinner with my friend and her partner, we decided to walk into town rather than drive – As we went along the quiet residential road, we were met with a fork in the road. I opted out for a walk up the slight gradient and onto Wyrll Hill, Glastonbury where I was staying, and my friend and partner walked along the flat road to walk down to town.

Now, I could have felt bad that I split the company and ought to be walking with them. But chose not to, as I preferred the walk-in nature as part of the walk into town. My old self would have naturally conformed to their walk and missed out on the delight of my soul’s truth.

  • How many times do we do what others expect of us or want us to do?
  • How easy is it to deny our inner knowing in order to keep the peace or do what we think is right, maybe for them but not for us?
  • How often do we bypass true words and not answer back because someone is speaking to us in an authoritative way? Do you?

It is time to follow your Soul’s simple truth and do what feels right for you.

Accept the situation you find yourself in and count the blessings of all that is mirroring back to you right now.

Like the brightness of the moon, we are getting to see clearly where we need to hone in ourselves, where boundaries need to go up, where true and honest communication needs to be expressed and what is not working is the universe’s way of guiding us forward. If you find yourself on your own, or feeling left out, perhaps is an opportunity in disguise for a conversation that needs to happen with yourself or another.

If we view life as magical despite the situation we are faced with or before we try to surrender rather than resist. It does not mean we have to accept another’s behaviour or what is occurring but by riding it out,  to every delay, or character in our immediate life as people in our movie, playing a role to help us advance on our path,  seeing it as as an opportunity for us to claim where we need to radically make changes. This may happen of its own accord, or you will take action as you see without a shadow of a doubt what is going on and what must be confronted and made happen.

Keep fully in mind and in your heart what is important to you. Do not talk yourself out of what you know to be true for yourself.

If it is a Love-based reality, where you are nurtured, your soul is nurtured, then make choices to fit that reality.

I’m clear about who I want to be around, whom I do not want to commune with, where I do not want to be, and anything that does not support a love-based reality, of kindness, and warmth. truth, in my environment, I can make another choice.

Making a clear-cut choice is one power we do have. 

Prioritize what is important to you first and let all else fall around it. This is not being selfish but honouring yourself and being a guide of truth for others.

Be the light and let yourself shine!

Practice any form of bodywork in nature and if you can and see the Full Moon from where you are, do a Full Moon bath where you draw in the light of the moon as if it were energetically washing away the old, from your Crown all the way, down to your feet, like a waterfall rinsing off old thinking, paradigms of code of conduct, stories, the belief of having to…whatever your emotional debris or mode of operating.

Be the Queen and King of yourself.

Your soul’s path is beckoning. Allow your life to unfold naturally. Let yourself be guided.

The more authentic you can be the higher you will elevate your energy. This in turn will be met by success and inner happiness.  Live a life that is liberated.

And So it is.


© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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