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The new moon almost always heralds a new beginning and this one in Aries March 24th 2020 GMT 09.28 am is NO exception. Many of us have been a long road of a completions generating endings for many and while moving forward.

On a global and collective scale, the shift now has become apparent. We all need to change. Show up in the ways we can and level up to.
Huge shifts for everyone, on the way we function, work, deal with – our life path, as some forms will be falling apart, some will be re-examined and some will be getting the wake call of their lives. And some will be forced to make changes in areas they have been resisting.

NO one expected an event such as this ( Covid-19) and here is Divine Intelligence at play to shift us to the new paradigm astrologers and myself have been mentioning for some time now.

A time of healing, transformation and moving into new forms.

This is where our spiritual selves now must be in total practice. It is now we get to show up from our higher selves and follow the path of least resistance and effortless living. Quite a challenge for many.

WE are all on a different soul path, some more evolved and some more spiritually practised. Any spiritual practice will be of utmost benefit right now. What do I mean by spiritual practice?
Go out in nature even though we have been allocated an hour in fraternising with it – at least out in public. Would be a good start.

I’ll be posting either on FB page or Youtube guiding points that will not only help you navigate this terrain of the unknown we are in but just great as well to have in your tool kit or awareness and practice for life.

In the meantime put some healing music on, practice any meditation that speaks to you. – Daily.

Do some chakra sounds. I’ll be recording a few videos to help people with staying grounded and tuned up and balanced. This will also aid in tremendous shifts. Check out my Facebook Group Page – Everyday Alchemist Do join for a holistic update and information.

Connect to the sun, connect to the earth, give it thanks and feel blessed that you can experience this light and senses. Perhaps people won’t take it for so granted and appreciate its beauty and stop causing earthly suffering and damage?

What’s more, with all this enforced stop in the world and globally, there is evidence of healing on the planet itself, where waterways are clearer – it seems in Venice waterways have gone back to being blue! the air pollution distinctly improved that no scientist or any institution can deny what we have been doing to the earth itself. and the atmosphere.


New Moon Aries

Chiron the planet of the wounded healer is conjunct to Aries, – next to, and Aries ruled by Mars the planet of action, and masculine in energy it is going to bring to a head – our buried old emotions and ways of being out in view. You could be feeling off, angry, tethered, and a whole host of feelings. sadness and irritability and sorrow. no, you’re not going bi-polar but churning out emotions and patterns up for healing. If you need support during this time Contact me and we can discuss how I can help.

This could be a challenging time for couples and relationships too, especially those who have been avoiding inner work and growth. There could be conflict and emotional needs being challenged and not being met. This is an indication of inner work and wounds need attending to.

That said, it is a turning point for many and an excellent time for reflection and inner work.

We are called to open ourselves to a new life. Many are going to be faced with a wake-up call of what is not working, or where they have gone off track. There could be deep regret for some. Honour your emotions and best not to bypass it with drink, smoking and TV binging.

Instead, journal and see where your soul is wanting to direct you. It won’t like if you do not censor yourself.

Your direction may not be totally clear until the next Solstice in July, but the path has begun to stir. This IS a big cycle that is ending – ( 35 years) So go easy and gentle.

This is a time for:

  • Noticing and validating feelings
  • Nurturing yourself and others
  • Humility
  • Staying centred in one’s own feelings
  • Accepting others without judgement
  • Honest disclosure of feelings and insecure
  • Speaking up from the heart and speaking one’s truth
  • Planning and building one’s security and future
  • Empathy
  • Relinquishing responsibility
  • Not having to do it all on your own
  • Letting go of control
  • Being totally honest with yourself – rather than doing or being for the sake of social acceptance or our of habit. Listen to yourself speaking. I’ve certainly heard a few friends speak of should do this or that!! on helping around d the Corona Virus. There is nothing you have to do or be…Maybe your habit is to always step in, but is it really what you want to do? Are you used to being miss-goody two-shoes?
  • Ridding yourself of egoic actions for approval and acceptance
  • Leaving behind the tendency to take charge without fully understanding the situation
  • Time for courage
  • Blazing new trails
  • Taking action
  • Being inventive and creative
  • Letting go of niceness
  • Placing boundaries where needed
  • Taking care of the physical body
  • Forgoing selfish tendencies and being aware of others

This new moon and all that is going on are setting us on a trajectory of surrender, trust to what is going on. Do not buy into the fear. Also if you resist what is happening you will make it difficult for yourself and those around you.

Trusting the magic that wants to be delivered to you, stay in wonder and awe of new possibilities. This is a tine for opportunities to create something new. A new life. A new world.

First, we MUST HEAL OURSELVES – this Corona Virus crisis is an opportunity to do so on a collective level!

Time for deep introspection, refection, recalibration – get creative by inquiring about your passions and love for life. What makes you happy? truly happy? What does your heart long to do? Where does it fantasise being?

If you were not censored by all the shoulds, must do’s have to’s and all the money in the world was not an issue, what would you do? Where would you go? Where do you want to see yourself moving toward or letting go? 

Take it one day at a time. Ask yourself daily to be guided to the truth of your soul. When stuck, Ask yourself – What truly moves me now?

For yoga posturing to support you this cycle sign up to my newsletter. There you will find a recommended book or two. Sign up on the home page of my website

As always on a day of the new and for the next 48 hours, the energy is the highest to put your intentions out. We just had the Equinox which is also a mark of new beginnings and spring but this New moon which follows has determined energy behind it, so vision well, do not be bashful, be honest heartfelt and true to your heart. The clue is in the list above.

It’s a good guideline for what and how you can use this energy now.


  1. I now drop being nice and am true to myself in all my interactions
  2. I am the go-to person. in my field etc – Please do not make it about money, these days are long gone and it is about being of service
  3. I create an abundant life so I can share it with the people I love and or my community
  4. I create a life of my dreams and have the courage to go for it!

These are simplistic outlined intentions. No intention is wrong. You may be a mother with the desire to have more space to yourself. Or you may want to cut your hours and start working on your hobbies to build it into a business. What’s is important is once you outline a few – really fill it with the details. The local colour of it. What does it feel like? look like? Get your feeling mode and picture it and feel it.

We are facing a momentous time collectively and personally. Enjoy the journey. It’s calling.

I wish you well, stay blessed, brave, strong and feed your mind with positive thoughts.

No matter what, be in gratitude for all that is. We’ve all heard this many times but it’s worth mentioning, Do this nightly or first thing in the morning. take a few moments each day and reel off what comes to mind that you are grateful for.


Blessed be, blessed be, blessed be.

Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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