Dare to Dream a Beautiful Dream

This is no ordinary day.

The shift happening today is not to only celebrating the equal day and night as the Winter Solstice, worthy of ritual and contemplation, but more so that today we have a conjunction of planets starting a new cycle.

800 years ago, this configuration occurred as we entered the Piscean Age, which now is shifting into Aquarian Age. Coupled with this critical change, at the same time ending a precessional cycle set 24,000 years ago.

Major death and rebirth.

So what does this mean to you?

It is time to Dream a BEAUTIFUL DREAM. 

To create a life that extends ourselves. Through healthy beliefs that are true to us and for the betterment of society and the planet.

NO is where the power lies to create a new YES.

We have to let go of the old, all that is not working to draw what the universal creator wants for us all, harmony and beauty. It is up to us to bring it to life.

Change is the path we are on, one that follows on from Chaos.

It is time to dream, ride the wave of the unknown – to follow our hearts in all that we do.

Whatever your definition of beauty is to you – I’m not referring to the superficial kind of glamour and vanity, rather the kind that radiates from the inside out.

Generated by our inner genius. – A soul crafted life. We do this but allowing ourselves to confront the truth without censoring what is true – accepting that we are all interconnected and what we do is what we do to the whole.

A beautiful dream is not carved, by silent meditation but active imaging. Not silencing your genius but allowing emergence and speak to you.

There is beauty in everything, though it may not seem so externally. It is our job to find this magic and use it to alchemize our selves and lives.

Releasing limited thinking and beliefs, and with an open heart, ( may require much forgiveness of self and others.) – the healing process together with an open mind, releasing resistance and denial gets us to be our true self.

We must look at our true selves.

Not the fabricated one to bypass pain or in following what others tell us who we are, must do and be. Afterall, the clarity of reflection often is not an accurate one but filled with their opinion and perception.

Let us honour what is genuine in us. Radical empowerment is where this shift wants to take us. 

In doing so, we can carve a life that is truly beautiful and long-standing.

Reflect on the year, say no to what does not feel right, and focus on your vision to move your life forward.

What can you see you have learnt? 

What changes have you made or notice you have developed?

Carve some time to list out what you know needs to go and what needs pruning. It is toiling of the soul.

Remember, clearing out is a process. Do not be surprised to find the same themes appearing. Offer it back to Source with love.

  • Say no to yielding to keep the peace.
  • Say no to where your values do not match or are disrespected.
  • Say no to where the boundaries crossed and where unspoken compromises have appeared.
  • Say no to broken agreements, betrayal and false information.
  • Say no to giving more.

Whatever your no is, honour it as it ends the counterfeit life and leads you to one that is right and waiting for you.

Each step leads you to the next, your next truth.

This is what we must do.

Despite all the noise around and disturbances, we can hold our own and recognise where our needs are not being met.

It must nourish our needs for us to flourish.

It is scary, yes, and or it can be. We must be honest. This is how we lead a sacred life and a liberated life. One that offers us the opportunity to create a beautiful dream.

Be courageous during these times of transition.

You get to choose.

The power lies in your hands.

Individually and collectively, we can create beauty that contributes to a world that is in harmony in all that it can be.

Find the door that embraces you and away from one that tries to diminish you consciously or unconsciously.

You will feel it and know.

The light of inspiration will lead you. Follow it. However small or big.

Let magic and synchronicity lead you to helpful and supportive people.

The age of Aquarius is all about working with your tribe, partner, self-expression and advancement.

Active Imaging

Let light fill your mind and surround your body daily.

See it glowing, radiating and filling every cell of your being and let it spill outwardly.

Tune in to your heart centre and see the golden light merged with bright emerald green. Stay in this for a few moments. Be at peace. Inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Pronounce, ‘I now I honour my inner genius to guide my every move. I call upon it and trust where it leads me. I release all blocks and resistance to my vision, beliefs, conscious or unconscious. I am supported through unconditional love, – life will show me the way’.

If you wish, call your inner genie to appear and let it have a conversation to you. Do not censor it or think yourself to be mad. Trust its appearance and what it has to say or show you.

Build a conscious relationship with it so it becomes your guiding light.

Now is the time, on this Sacred day, to begin to build and co-create a Beautiful Dream.

Let your light shine, and so it is.



Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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Image is taken from Alana Fairchild’s Sacred Rebels Oracle Deck


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