Living an inspired life has always made sense to me, never following conventional norms or what society or my family had expected of me. In doing so, I followed a path with a heart learning to trust my inner compass and amassing a stream of modalities in the zone of nourishment, healing, Body, Mind and Spirit, and all things that inspire living a liberated life!

My Life as an Intuitive Life Transformer

I share my life’s calling and expression as a change agent, a multi-dimensional & transformational life guide, working with individuals and groups resulting in life changes, Mind, Body and Spirit transformation and helping individuals live a core-referenced and liberated life.

Known for being an Intuitive Life Transformer, accurate card reader, vlogger, ( channel on YouTube) writer, Transformational Life Trainer and educator, using Integrated Bodywork and movement as well as offering you toolkits as your Spiritual Guide – Facilitator of Inner Child LifeScript Energy Series™ &  Everyday Alchemist™ – A transformative programme of change, altering your inner child coding, making peace with your past, resulting in empowerment and self-mastery.

A bit of backstory

As a child, I would experience the ‘other’ world frequently and as I grew up was very much drawn to the esoteric. I bought my first oracle deck at the age of 16, Sacred Path Cards by Jamie Sands and continued to invest in crystals, books and cards throughout my life.

Following art college, in my early 20’s I majored in Interior Design for my degree, mother’s choice of career as she disapproved of a career in dancing and the performing arts. I worked as a designer briefly before I left for London and worked as  PA to a famous Fashion Photographer, who lacked integrity therefore I quit. I then went to wait on tables before I got sacked – lost, discontented returned to Harrogate, North Yorkshire UK,  where my folks resided, and after a synchronistic meeting with a girl at the Bridal trade show where I was modelling, I travelled to sunny California as a nanny. I disliked the household and the job, as I witnessed children being moulded to what the parents wanted rather than what the child had a spark for. After an adventure of three months, it was time to return home –  still feeling lost it was then I heard my calling on the plane back to London at the age of 24. Retrain as a fitness instructor and trainer.

During my stay in California, I had gained weight for the first time in my life out of sheer boredom, and lack of movement – nobody walks in CA, feeling trapped and comfort eating.

Retraining as a Personal Trainer, – my main body of work for (over 25) years I immediately developed from the outset my work as a holistic bodyworker, teacher and wellness coach, connecting the dots instinctively of the body mind and spirit connection.  

In my late 20s, I suffered from the onset of facial acne, which resulted in me undergoing inner healing work, with the Chakras, a spiritual technology merged with psychotherapy. Amazed by the results and inner transformation I knew I had hit on a healing modality that was effective in releasing the energetic blocked issues related to childhood trauma – this work manifested my healing the physical symptoms. So impressed and having come across nothing like I the all the years of various transformational programmes, I undertook the chakra course and inner child healing directly through my teacher and embarken on an Integrative Life Practice of offering my clients and group work, the combination of body, mind and soul, coaching, classes and transformational programmes. LifeScript Energy™ Series

I offer integrative LifeScriptSeries™, Body Intelligence Core Training and, act as an intuitive guide for private clients, in the UK, Globally and on retreats. I have combined my passion for dancing, exercise, movement and training as a choreographer and workshop facilitator, where I facilitate movement, and empowerment workshops in building confidence and self and body awareness.

Work History

In 1999 I formed a company, Global Model Coaching (GMC) reformed in 2005 as Lifestyle Intelligence, which specialised in providing, coaching, bodywork, nutrition, relaxation and lifestyle services for people on the go. As a dancer and trainer, I set up GMC initially to help Models in the modelling industry and educate agencies to value women’s health and bodies not as size 000 to not conform to the outdated concept of twiggy thin ideals but to inform and inspire women to love their bodies from the inside out. This was back in 2000 and fell on deaf ears.

Other clients have included corporate companies:  Price Water CooperHouse, Aveda, Wish, Clean Break Theatre Company, Camden Council, Kilburn Youth Centre, West Euston Partnerships, Ch4’s Model Behaviour and SBHG Teen Girls Hostel, various classes for women, ex-offenders, women with mental issues for WISH Charity and as well as those in the youth sector with and me’s and you’s of the world.

Life of Good Eating

I am a passionate home cook and find both comfort and connection working with food, inspiring others and enjoying feeding and teaching.  In the last 10 years, I have expanded my portfolio of work as a professional cook on retreats, private homes and holiday homes and on occasions at the Culinary School of Arts specialising in Macrobiotic cookery. I have also worked for charities and non-profits as a cooking teacher, and facilitator for communities.

I also offer Coaching Through Cooking, one-to-one or group work. These sessions as designed for the individual or the group needs with the intention of inspiring, educating and offering nourishment through eating well and enjoying the art of home cooking.

I still cook for clients as and when. I am currently collating, and forming ideas for my next project a Podcast called Fred and from there a writing a cookbook. You will find my creative cookery shots on my main Instagram. And one specific to cooking and food A life of good Eating. I have always been an avid nourisher for myself and others and at the stage to expand my work I am embarking on studying Aryudeva to blend with the Body Energy System to offer clients their Blueprints of Mind Body and Wellness as one size does not fit all and no diet or strategic regimes such as Keto or any other fad ‘perfect diet’. Far from it, it does not take into consideration the natural make-up of the individual, their cycle or stages in life. We are a system of energy and electric currents mirroring nature and no amount of science out of a lab is going to aid a person back to wellness without consideration of their unique type and drawing on elements of nature. 

Youth Work

Over the years I have done much youth work and worked within private schools and local council communities facilitating wellness, and empowerment workshops, and as ‘House Mother’ in colleges and school settings, where I successfully implemented non-conventional ways of detention – forming group circles and awareness sessions instead.


I am in constant training at the University of Life and never seem to stop furnishing my mind and expanding my awareness and knowledge through many great books, teachers and speakers. In the field of personal development, awareness of self and spirit. I am an avid Astrology learner, and follower and find myself more and more integrating some of the perspectives and themes into my writing. Especially of and around the Moon. I am a modern-day Mystic and help people with Emotional and Spiritual crises.

I have studied with numerous specialist teachers in alignment therapy, yoga, Pilates, expressionist dance, and Rohun Therapy as well as being certified in Advanced Diploma in Foundation Health and wellness and Personal Training. Not to mention being accepted in a 3-year full-time dance training course at the age of 29! I hold certifications in Psychotechincs, Chakra therapy, Sports Therapy and nutrition. I hold a Diploma in Person-centred Transformational Coaching from the Animas Centre for Coaching, CPD in Relationship Coaching (2015) and a BA Hons in Interior design. Currently embarking on a Foundation course on Ayurveda for Optimal Diet and Lifestyle Living, beginning next month July 2021.