The New Awareness

This Pieces new moon brings many of us to a complete cycle, generating endings for many and while moving forward. Pisces is the last sign of the Zodiac, so while New Moons are about a new beginning and or setting new intentions, this particular New Moon and the planetary set up very much signifies endings, karmic endings.  Taskmaster Saturn ( lord of Karma) in Capricorn will also be making an exit into Aquarius early March for its new placement – Saturn entered Capricorn December 2017 where it began its new karmic cycle. – Interestingly, I met my ex-partner, in the beginning, of January 2017.

Whether you follow astrology or not, it is the energy climate out of which we live and most of us would have on some level experienced major endings, pushing us to look inward our core beliefs, ( this is due to mercury retrograde) WHAT IS AMAZING IS HOW BEAUTIFULLY ASTROLOGICAL ASPECTS ARE ALIGNED FOR US TO LIVE THIS AWAKENING COLLECTIVELY.

I know for myself I have been through an emotional mill and have been in a relentless process of self-inquiry, cycles of grief, nursing turbulent emotions from deep sadness to heartbreak ( literally) my heart would hurt so much at first I thought it was heading for a heart attack and anger, following a major breakup last September. NO matter I much I wanted the pain to stop and go away, it would come and visit, unsolicited and tug at my heart and my mind, questioning, how I got here, and how I allowed myself to be in a relationship that was so emotionally troublesome and demanding. But as Pixie Lighthorse, in her book Boundaries and Protection, highlighted to me, that after frequent bouts of fight or flight displays, which my ex was a pro at, it ‘can be wounding to a relationship’ and destructive to the soul of the relationship. I found comfort and much understanding of the state of erosion despite my being ‘the improvement bus’, I decided to stop driving it. It managed to bring the worst out of me just as much, in anger, frustration and frequent attempts to control his bouts of emotional tides. Without the willingness to do ‘the work’ I conceded.  I felt like I had time and effort wasted. And for the partner fully invested in the relationship, the breakup can be brutal.

Right from the start. Despite doing this work and all that I understand, I had still succumbed to (unconsciously) at the time – ( and I was later informed that it was a Karmic Relationship by my Vedic astrologer and the promise of being able to burn the Karma- whatever that looked like!),  I bypassed the red flags as I was already emotionally invested by all the good traits he showed up with. Karmic relationships do that too, bypass what we need to take heed on. Full of love, promise and an incredible connection initially – but they can take you to the depths of your soul and are never easy. Click on the link above if you want to know more on Karmic relationships.

I since have learnt that I was primed to ignore my truth – denied as a child,  defaulted in my psyche ‘I do not count,’ and ‘I can’t have what I want anyway’. ( set in my childhood and life itself) running my life and in this process of deep-dive had brought this to light.

A lot of tears were shed, some days I’d feel so blue, but decided that I would nurture my inner child, reprogramme myself, nourish my body mind and soul with activities that supported that and determined to love me even more. Part of it was to ask myself over and over again, ‘What was I done with?’ and reel off whatever came to mind.

Try it for yourself, it is a very revealing exercise. Do not censor what shows up:

I’m done with going to see a friend at a place I don’t like because she chooses to be there and doesn’t make the effort to accommodate my preferences despite having addressed it.

I’m done wanting a family member,( think of who it could be for you) to show up differently.

I’m done with putting up with space invaders.

I am done with diminishing my light because it is inconvenient for others.

I am done with pretending it ( write out what’s true for you) doesn’t matter.

I’m done with living the life I am.

I am done with saying yes to xxxxxx, because its the only option right now but is not really true for me.

I am done with, playing the second fiddle in a love affair.

I am done with not moving on.

I am done with a friend backstabbing me and making excuses.

I’m done with tip-toeing around XXXXX

I am done with being asked for help or advice and it falling on deaf ears.

You get the gist.

Being DONE WITH is precisely that. Fiercely clear where there will be no compromise and what you are no longer will to invest time thinking about, worrying about or acting.

Then it is important next to what you write to put its opposite and what you are going to do so about it. The change.

This is a time of profound change in minor and major stuff

Pisces season is bringing up much repressed, suppressed emotions and ideas that has been pulling you for some time. You will do well to pay attention to. A time for completions, moving forward and getting things done. You may feel bulldozed, blocked or pressured in yourself. Be kind and compassionate but take heed. Take small steps to make progress in your inner and outer world. Pace your self. The mind can be overactive and action-orientated.

I was determined never to deny myself the truth but have again. EVER. Lie to myself that someone or something is okay when it’s not. Those that know me, also know I call it out, challenge authority, and even will speak up. But our deeper wounds can be hidden; as mine was, it was vital for me to confront mine. NO point finger-pointing, I had to take a deep inventory of myself.

With Chiron, the planet of the wounded healer too, aspected to Jupiter, this is precisely the work we are being called to do. To move forward, we must release the baggage of old, mental noise, patterns, unseen and seen, so we can be free of the old cloak we have been wearing, patch-worked by pieces we have been placed by life, our guardians, and untrue beliefs we’ve adopted. It is no good and will serve no-one to bypass this work, inner child wounds, programmings as our choice of relationships are so and the results based on your deep belief of not enough esteem or love for our selves. Dang!

If you are recently divorced, broken up from a lover and or relationship, the best thing you can be doing is to ask yourself, and this goes for anyone in a toxic situation, employment, work you hate, friends that get you down, teamwork that is stalling you, and or anyone backstabbing you…whatever!

  • Where was I then? What was I feeling? Look back on your life at the time you met the partner or said yes to something, a job etc.
  • What was I thinking? How was I feeling?
  • What part of me said that this was okay when it is not? The denial bit.
  • If the dynamic reminds should be able to be located from your past. What part of your childhood does it remind you of? Who was there? What happened? This work is best done with a facilitator & therapeutic coach, but journalling can begin the process. For deeper and lasting work and tools, you may feel moved to do the LifeScript Series, which focusses on the Chakras and inner child work combined for a transformative shift.

Journalling is a good start of the process of deep soul searching and inquiry. Read back your answers, see what you discover. These next two months also is a fabulous time to be such work.

What this New Moon Brings

Beautifully orchestrated by a symphony of planets all aligned to Pisces – this cycle is calling for forgiveness and acceptance. One of the things I found imperative once I was tired of my thinking and hurting was I realised I had to get to forgiveness. But firstly Acceptance. 

Acceptance is merely being genuinely okay with the way things are, and the things you can not change in someone or something. It is not resignation, but a choice, that comes from clarity and awareness.

We can’t get past grief, anger, sadness, or hurt, or any other emotion until we can get to a place where we can accept where we are and why it happened and what part we played in it. Notwithstanding he had moved on to another woman indecently too soon. I did not mind that as I felt it to be an egoic need. Still, I hated the fact that I was suffering, and he was having a good time elsewhere, bypassing any reflection, or really feeling the wounds of the breakup. Crazy right? But I was seriously mad about that! ( my inner child kicking in ‘Not fair’) And I am having to do the work!!!!! The sense of abandonment, being tossed aside as if the relationship we had did not matter. And where I needed to be stronger in my choices and values. We are all a work in progress and what I know now I couldn’t do then. This is what personal evolution is.

It helps to remember that we are a soul on this journey, so we make life choices to serve our spiritual growth. This is why we also embark on things, relationships that we know on one level that it’s not right, but something deeper pulls us in any way. It can be a recognition of a soul partner from a past life, or lifetimes, patterns that need to be ‘burnt’ at this time…there are more significant constellations at work. 

In essence, that is what we are here to do. And Become enlightened beings. Better versions of ourselves. 

So we need to let go, by engaging in forgiveness, being in nature, slowing down so we can heal our relationships to ourselves.

A time where congruency is imperative, say no to what does not resonate, yes to what is right for you. The energy now is to know ourselves. The responsibility is ours. Our own choices, words, what we communicate or not, our happiness and our love. Everything. 

Take up any spiritual practice that speaks to you or draws your attention. For me, it’s sounding the sounds of the chakras, known as spiritual health toning, together with mantras, correlated to each chakra. It has had a considerable impact on recalibrating myself, my soul, and my state of mind. Take up whatever speaks to you. If you wish to know more about this technology, you can contact me here.

During this lunation we also have sun, mercury, and moon sextile to Taurus, where Uranus is parked, so we may get unexpected help in making changes so clear the decks for February 23 or 24th 2020 depending on where you are. Here you can check your time zone for the new moon. In the UK GMT, it is 15.32 on Feb 23, 2020. set a day of purging your old journals, diaries, and letters of forgiveness you may want to write out. Don’t be scared. Just do it!

I did this, and it helps to write it out, no censoring what you feel or what you want to say. It is for your eyes only and to burn away. You will be amazed at what can be cleared by this simple act. Put some beautiful music on, pray, and write all you need to let out and release. Make sure you include some form of accepting what has happened, Very important.

It is also essential as we want to use this celestial energy for the new. By clearing the old, we can call in the new for space has been made. Think whatever you need to think to help through and out.

I was going to dammed if my grieving heart and carrying all that was going to fuck up my future too! No way. Bad enough I had invested time in the relationship came to a disrupted end, I certainly was not going to jeopardize a wonderful future! So I got busy healing, clearing, grieving, letting my emotions be.

What can you do

This is an excellent time to set the foundation and getting your ducks in order for the year ahead and beyond. Get planning, in creating stability, your ideals. Having to trust where you are now in a whole new way. You are not the same person you used to be. Get your mind out of it and start sensing yourself on what is right for you. Our soul wants to direct us.

YOU WANT TO GO FOR IT! Take the learning. 

I know the new agers have told us that it is wrong to judge, but what I have learned for myself it is precisely, forgoing the judgment that I have gotten myself into situations I could have well avoided as my judgments are my standards.  I believe in having our judgments. From there, we then have our values. So how can we be without experiences? Anyhow, you make your mind up and use your judgments wisely.

The Dictionary definition of judgement is:

the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions. forming of an opinion

Do not let anyone talk you out of what is right for you. Something that someone may think is good for you, or maybe a good option for you, but you know it is not for you. Women are good at giving theirs up for others. We’ve been primed that way. To keep the peace. Or simply that our desires and truth played a secondary role in the projections of our parents and society’s expectations.

Figure out what you want for 2020.

  1. What do I want? Take a deep dive and write out your values and remove all old conditioning that is a false belief.
  2. What do I need to leave behind? Trust who and what comes to mind. – write a letter of forgiveness and burn away any old diaries.
  3. What do I feel and trust from my self? –
  4. Where do I need to go?
  5. What do I need to do?
  6. Whom will I keep in my inner circle and or who do I need to leave out?

Accept the soul knows. Exercise the container for the soul,  nourish it.  Do a daily spiritual activity. Eat well, rest well. Think well.  If your thinking isn’t well, do activities that change your thinking and reframe the conversations you are having in your mind. Hire a creative coach like me to help you along.

This is a time where we are rising above human experiences and operating from our higher selves, the soul’s wisdom, as a partnership to Spirit.

Taking this personal inventory is paramount now. We must live a core referenced life. We are are all at different levels of ascension and development. and that’s is okay.

We also have also learnt that all things are impermanent. Our minds can be particularly busy and frenetic as Mercury is aspecting Mars, a dynamic planet so our minds and activity level can be on the up! Not bad energy to have. Us it wisely and calm the mind with some yoga, Tai chi or beautiful music or taking a moment to absorb the beauty of nature around you.

Place your feet with conscious awareness to the ground and breathe deep into the soles of the feet. See roots connect and take your thinking to mother earth. Hand it over it, Gaia.

When my mind was hectic, I called on the Dragon totem. ( Puff the Magic Dragon) I needed something serious to blow torch with violet light my spinning mind, with thoughts of the past. It worked.  Use your creative imagination. Or you may prefer an image of calm still waters, in your mind. Whatever works, Just breathe and sit with the imagery. Intentionlise the mind to be cleared.

Way to live now is to love moment by moment, flow and trusting your road and not another way. We are provided with strength despite the heavy falling of the past.

All leading to the New Awareness – preparing us all in releasing perfectionism, letting ourselves live from our heart, and for our ideas to life. We don’t need to have all the details mapped out. That’s the old way. The path of love, the path of self-love is what will get us where we need to be. Self-acceptance is the key to change. Loving ourselves as the Divine does. It is our love for ourselves that propels us forward.

Claim your heart, be brave my love, you are guided and never on your own, Supreme guidance is at hand. 

Blessed be.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2020


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