Welcome to my site. You can only live a vibrant and liberated life when you live from your core.

So What does it mean thought to be living from your core?

Life is too short to be tolerating mediocrity, and even when we find ourselves stuck or unable to move forward there are ways to nurture oneself so you still can be living a life that is uncompromising, true to you, abundant and joyful. You need to reconnect with your soul, inner child the light that shines in you.

Most people live from their heads and what others have influenced or informed them to be or do…this is often unconscious. We then get stuck in roles or dead relationships or in jobs we do not care for and wonder why we feel unmotivated, flat, eat too much or think that living a vibrant life is not for us. Most people continue to be wrangled up in projections of their patterning, belief and how the patriarch system carved and moulded men and women, a paradigm that is no longer applicable to our lives and where we are heading.

I believe in living life from our core and one’s truth. It’s not about how much money you have, although that may help but how you are in mind, what you do to take care of yourself, body and soul. Core Living will result in living powerfully, authentically, vibrantly and liberated.

We all know there are tonnes of very dissatisfied celebrities, and people who seem to have it all but lead empty and sorrowful lives that lead to suicide, drugs and addictions. The are many also, who lead stale lives because no one highlighted to them that they can have it differently. Bitching and moaning about how tough life is or how that they can’t have the life they want because it’s not realistic is a cop-out. I beg to differ. It’s all about making a few adjustments and creating the life you know deep down you can have.

That said, not all of us are destined to be millionaires, celebs or acquire any real outer material trappings. Your life may not be set that way! How about that?

It is the ‘who you are’ that counts. The who you are BEING that radiates outward.

Life is a contrast of dark and light, yin and yang, up and down, front and back and all the dualities and anything in between.

Quite frankly I’m bored with these false promises other coaches and so-called motivational gurus sell! They rope you in like a genie tempting you to all the treasures…

Then you wonder why nothing is happening, why not you, the shame and guilt adding to you already not good enough story! Oh Dear! Enough already!

Living from your core only happens when you engage in transformational work from the inside, changing your experiences for good, for the better and your Life completely. If you truly want to live one that has you LIVE freely look no further and contact me to see how we can make that happen!

I would love to hear your comments and if you have any pressing issues with any problems, on relationships, living, mind, body and soul, do write to me, under Ask Rafah, or for deeper transformational work and support, go to contact and you can reach me there.

Thanks for being here. 

Much Love,

Rafah xx

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