All Relationships bring meaning into our lives, bringing fulfilment, joy and happiness. And yet it can also be mired with power struggles, a sense of neglect, abandonment, not being seen, feeling small, and the fear of speaking up and where we find ourselves feeling unfulfilled and not getting our needs met, be at home or in a job or through our friendships.

We may wonder how we got here and what changed? These junctures are often too hard to navigate on our own or within the partnership, with our bosses or colleague, sister, friend and or family member.

These people are playing a dynamic role for us to see where we need to grow.

In a love relationship or marriage, you may find what connected you seems to be off in a faraway land. Homelife now filled with strife, arguments, silences, disdain and indifference. Worse still our partner may not want to talk about it or embark on this inquiry phase and would rather remain in the status quo it knows and is familiar with.

What to do?

Take charge of your life and get my life guidance to explore what could be the right next step, understand your part in the dynamic, and get the healing you need to get back to yourself.

Your partner on board? – Brilliant!

Together rebuild the foundations of love and understanding, mend and bridge things where both parties feel validated, accepted and understood. Often it’s our expectations that begin to show signs of differences and what was overlooked at the beginning now has an apparent gap, only to get bigger as time goes on and not being dealt with.

Everyone copes with and reacts to emotional situations differently, but when the issue isn’t discussed, it can be difficult to know how to treat a problem or understand how it started.

The difficulty lies in having our voices and feelings heard and having it contained in a safe space. 

Many relationship problems start with a person feeling trapped, confused about the relationship, perhaps your partner is beginning to play up and display signs of emotional immaturity or you are merely questioning the direction or feeling unsure about how or where to meet a partner. You are considering a divorce or facing one or separation, dealing with infidelity, feeling insecure or frustrated with the loss of connection. If you have gotten to this stage it is more than likely that the communication is riled with blame, going round, and round, or back and forth without any results, to the point of destruction and detriment of the relationship?

Wherever you are in the timeline and the length of erosion, confusion and dissatisfaction, like with all things, with time, care and discipline, the relationship can move through the difficulties.  Be open to a new level of connection. However, sometimes through exploration and personal development, one party may find that moving on is the best solution for them.

Whatever the outcome, you will both or individually gain a sense of self and empowerment and have the support and nourishment to strengthen your core, values and get clear in your relationship.

Any suffering or end of a relationship can be heartbreaking. Communication is critical and having an empathetic ear, support and neutral advice can shift the way things are and seem.

Patterns also can be recognised and dismantled, as often we get to a certain stage in our adulthood when we begin to notice a common thread of issues being played out. It could be a long term partner to certain kind of employers – such as bullies, where you are not seen or needs to be met, underselling your self, for example, or a sense of feeling that our partner neglects you and or is non-committal. After years of marriage suddenly you find that your partner always has his needs met but you have been working around their needs? Suddenly it becomes intolerable and you can’t seem to shift the set dynamic.

People may seek relationship advice for a number of reasons, and though commonly thought to only involve intimate connections, there are many types of connections that may benefit from help:

  • family members
  • married couples
  • sexual partnerships
  • friendships
  • co-workers
  • dating

As your Life Guide, I can offer a host of coaching approaches to different relationships and the problems that can arise with connections during, dating, marriage, friendship and work.

Take bold action now whether it’s a solo relationship coaching or couple relationship coaching you are after.  For a discovery call solo person, and for a couple here.


Look forward to serving you,