Are you in a Jam? Suffering from a particular Problem, Issue or Dilemma?

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Topics or problems could include, relationship issues, friendships dilemmas, money, job, family, sibling rivalry, friends at school or at work, issues with colleagues or any life crisis.

Anything that is a problem for you.

If you do not want your name to be used then choose a name as an alias. I shall use your adopted name. I cannot guarantee to reply to all letters however, I will read them all and select the ones I feel are topical. They will be published on my site in this free advice column or discussed in a vlog on my youtube channel.

I cannot answer any questions directly – however, if you want one to one guidance and coaching you can make an appointment for a personal session.

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Disclaimer: Please note I will do my best to give general lifestyle advice, spiritual guidance and where suitable body/mind exercises to help you navigate your situation and help you on your path. This is by no means exhaustive and it is not to be used instead of any medical advice.

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