Somewhere In Between

In the age where we are forever bombarded to formulate, follow structure, cultural and societal expectations on what to eat, how to live, what and how much is good enough, is it any wonder we can get lost in the woods and stuck?

Not to mention that parents primed us in our childhood and youth, all manners of rules and beliefs? These are great heavy cloaks to be wearing, one that no doubt doesn’t fit nor suit who we are today and never did. Wherever you are in your life cycle or story, collectively we are all in the same boat. Significant shifts are expected of us and shift we must. You see we are not comfortable with being in no man’s land, lost in the woods and or not seeing our path. But these times must happen for an inner shift and a gear change.

Recalibrating and growth is part of the lifecycle, no matter what got you there. Inner trust is the first base. Where it all begins. Begin with the question, does this feel right for me? Your heart and soul will not let you down. I often hear, but how do I know what my heart wants or what it is telling me? You know then that you are dealing with an ego battle, rationalising perhaps what others will think, what you MUST do or SHOULD do. Forget those. As soon as you find yourself in that mode of thinking, it’s not yours. Somewhere, someone has influenced your decision, idea or thinking. It’s, of course, okay to get advice or expert help, but listen TO YOURSELF over and above anyone else. There are experts out there now. Opinions galore, the online and internet field has broadened information access exponentially. Now again I crave the small scale, the humble life of local communities. Truth is though, times have changed, and the reach of experts, tribes and groups have spread like rapid fire, and we are collectively affected by so many voices, opinions, with the inclusion of mine. However, the most significant crime we can commit is not to follow our inner voice. I know this well. I was an expert at following everyone else’s other than mine, which cost me emotional happiness and time. But hey, we learn what we need to. Save yourself the grief, and begin to take serious note on your inner radar. At least if you do fuck it up, it’s your muck up and not someone else who is not you and can know what is OPTIMAL for you.

Trust your sensing. Get grounded, and into your feet and body. The bit that is neck downwards. There is so much living up in the head, and outside of ourselves, its no wonder stress levels have elevated. Out in nature, feet parallel, inhale, exhale, several times. Get some movement by stretching out your arms, keep it level at shoulder height. Breathe a few cycles of breath. Now raise the arms to the sky, as if you were raising up the universe drawing in energy through your fingertips. Stay there for a few moments, take a deep breath in. Allow the arms float back down, toward your heart or by your sides. Close your eyes and sense the stillness in your heart. You are now connected to the divine soul of your being. Do not doubt yourself or chastise yourself on how you are feeling, or that you are not doing it right, or ‘should’ be this or that, basically somewhere else from where you are currently. Whatever self-negative talk you give yourself. Free yourself from judgement. Only you are judging yourself. It’s all in the head, at this moment in time, coming from you. Yep! ‘What another thinks of me is none of my business’. I loved this line when I first fell upon it. Gosh, it freed me up completely. I just stopped feeding my concern about what another thought about me. I’d say to myself, well it is up to the so and so, others can think what they like until I felt it.

We have to learn to be selfish. What we stand for is how we get ESTEEM. Each time we do something other than what we honestly feel is right for us, it chips away at our core and our energy field. That then builds up like an energetic plaque and begins to run us down. So what if you look like a twat, or act as if were to be twattish to another? We learn by our OWN DOING. So just love yourself anyway Place your hand on your heart, and say, I love you unconditionally. NO matter what. I am here. You are loved – irrevocably. I now release any…. shame, wrong or whatever I need at this moment to move this… pain. I am healed and lovingly supported by the Universal Divine Mother. Draw in the sweetest of light into your heart. Feel its tenderness and stay in the feeling of nurturing.

Nurturing ourselves is paramount to walk the path of life as well as any difficulty and uncertainty. Focus on your heart and intentions. It may seem pointless or a futile exercise to put it out there when you feel crushed by whatever you are feeling, but know there is motion in the unseen. Keep your light and focus on where you want to end up or how you want to feel. Then pay attention to what falls on your path or where you are being led. You will know. It will have a spark of magic and lightness that tweaks your attention. To do this though, you may need to Recharge and Rejuvenate. Trust yourself to give yourself a day off or some time out. Timeout is critical. Ring in sick. Who cares. Go in late. Take time out. For yourself. On your own. No technology. Just you, nature or a nurturing spot at home. For some, I know this is scary. Especially when you have a whole load of people depending on you. That’s part of the problem. Let people deal with there own stuff, or just pull back and allow yourself the priority. If you have kids or any adult to behaves like one, then install proper boundaries then get on with the business of caring for you. The space you carve out and the acceptance of where you are will allow you to see YOU. In all its rawness and truth. Get over the perfectionism. BE WHERE YOU ARE. What’s more, it may not be to our timing. We must trust that a shift happens when it happens. Ask for it, yes, pray and put it out there. We are a life living force, with our minds but we are more than that. An infinite intelligence is at work, that is whole in of itself, and following our own rhythm is a must. If life is mirroring back to you what you don’t like, again do not judge yourself. Move toward what is right for you. Who is meant to be there for you will? At times also we are required to be pure with ourselves. All of a sudden you may find no one resonates with you or has time for you, or the people you know don’t have the same appeal. That’s okay. Begin to recognise who you are right now, today, this moment. Change can happen without us noticing.

There has been so much energy shifts with all the planetary cycles which affect us more than we know. The only place we can ever come to is our eternal self. The pure being is within us. This is our home. Our Sacred Self. NO one has power over you. No illness, no loss, no aggro, no comment, no opinion, no meeting of an ex, no one has the authority over your creativity, the way you live, spirituality, or how you feel. By all means, speak up, speak though from a place of heart and truth. If people have the authority over how you are, need to do or be, or express yourself, and you are feeling the inner tug of guilt, frustration, resentment, anger, take it all as a sign that you are out alignment to yourself. The true YOU. If it is you that needs to change and someone calls you up on it, you will know whether it is right for you or not. Bring mindfulness to the attention of life.

There is a vast cosmic shift occurring, and we are all being asked to up-level our life in some way. So while in this gestation phase, we are in a paradox, of needing to do, wanting to do and doing nothing. The nothing being, requiring to take time out, review our life, reflect on what is what and perhaps where we were only a year ago and where we are now. This time of the year also portends the inclination to do so, however, with Saturn, the taskmaster changing signs into Capricorn after three full years in Sagittarius we all need to get down to reviewing whats not working before the years’ end. Imagine, a massive wave, a magnetic pull drawing in and up, and as it sucks it in, there’s a point of tension before its release. This energy is collectively where we are. Inside and out.

Take the above steps, and keep yourself rooted. Focus on the root chakra, and imagine yourself to be a tree with roots growing, through your feet. Go out into nature as often as you can. Practice this yoga of squatting right down toward the ground, place your hands on the ground between your legs with knees apart. Inhale Exhale. This is a very grounding posture. Stay there for a few moments merely breathing and observing the earth. In your quieter moments, choose harmony. Always choose harmony. This does not mean you bypass what is happening, but you opt for what is right for you, and you do something about it. Not just proclaim I am at peace, I am light etc. etc. That will not shift a thing. Well not on its own. You certainly will get a wake-up call to stand up and do something sooner or later. Trust in you and your inner beauty. Trust that somewhere in between all this you know what is Optimal for you. Release all that is not nurturing to you and keep what is naturally maturing well in your field. It will be revealed what person or persons no longer belong on your journey. Let go of it with grace. Make whatever changes to your life because it speaks to you. Let go of control, let it flow, be bold and RISE.


Rafah x


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