Transform We Must

We are all being asked to shift and transform. To move into an arena of healing, transcending our shadows, and rising beyond where we are now.

Whoever you are, this is affecting everyone. The parts of ourselves that are asleep must be awakened like it or not. Some of you could have experienced profound dramas being played out in relationships, whereby someone close will be acting from their wounded core, or it could well be you. The stronger the shadow, the stronger the reaction or reactions.

Energies of the moment are asking us to dig deep, to toil what’s underneath and many lives will be turned upside down or have been undergoing painful and yet much needed to wake up. Especially if you are someone who is holding onto an old emotion, story, dream or anything that has outworn you. You need to slay your inner and outer dragon, and ask yourself ‘What truly needs to go?’

  • What must I do to let go?
  • What skin do I need to shed to release my new being?
  • How can I get in touch with my core?
  • What old story do I need to burn?
  • Who do I need to keep out?
  • How can I bring in temperance into my life?
  • What needs to be balanced?
  • What thoughts do I need to release?

And so on and so forth. The truth will come out like it or not, and what is hidden will be revealed.

There is the Scared Divine in you, that is always leading the way, even if you do not like where you are now.

For us to grow, we must go through the murk and mud of ourselves, played out by the players in our lives, in the guise of partners, friends, employers, banks, institutions, whomever.

Letting go is not always easy, primarily if we have held onto beliefs from moving forward. There is the letting go that we do consciously and there is the letting go that needs to happen as the pain is too much to bear. There also the letting go that the universe delivers. The drop of mildew on a leaf, as it slides it merely drops away from its form. Ready and timely, it cannot hold on. A recognition that something is is indeed over. In universal timing, this is what is asked of us. To surrender to the fall.

The fall that may have on us our knees, the fall which will be a release into an eventual bliss. A fall that will have repercussions, one that will set in motion a much-needed rebirth and resurrection. A time to create a new story, to create a new piece of music, a chapter in our lives that can no longer wait. Know that something more significant awaits.

A passage through the innocence of the unknown and unchartered discovery. Like a child, we must embark on a new a life of some kind, be it your work, a calling, a forming of new projects or resurrecting old ones into a new dimension. In personal relationships, this will only be possible with those who are ‘committed to personal, growth, adult communication, integrity, maturity, and responsibility’. (1)  Growth and change are calling through the fog, the storm, your dormant state. Wherever you might be or feel, the time has come.

Seek more, be more, breakthrough the daze of limitations and illusions of powerlessness. Tap into your solar plexus, and call upon the strong radiant yellow light, and harness the power of change. Be more! Shine More! It is a time of spiritual unfoldment. Look within and ask yourself ‘What do I know to be true for me?’

Relax into the depth of yourself. Take yourself out into nature and walk in the silence of all life. Hear its whisperings caressing and soothing your turmoiled heart. The answers lay within. Seek counsel from the wise and lived. Those who hold no judgement, and know the way.

A new you is waiting to be birthed and reveal itself. The old must be ripped and burned, for the new dawning, like the phoenix from the ashes, must Rise. We can only rise when we fall. We must land to grow. The bigger the fall, the higher the rise. On to new possibilities.

Let us all reveal ourselves in our full potential and glory. Creating a Sacred path requires courage and depth of unbinding willingness to seek new ways.

Muster the strength to express your new creation, your new life, and sow the seeds of transformation.  If you do not know what that may be or look like, surrender it to the Divine Will ask to be shown and guided to the path that is meant for you and no other. Let the light of creativity descend into your life, for the richness and abundance of expression are ready to be co-created.

Take yourself near a natural stream, river or waterfall, anything that has the elements of water, to help shed any unwanted fears and thoughts and cleanse your mind, body and soul for this time of transformation. Be kind and gentle to yourself. Let only those who truly love you be with you. If you are with no one right now that you can think of, perhaps the change so significant that your immediate surroundings and environment no longer fits, call upon Source, God, Goddess, on High, Great Mystery, whoever connection to be comfortable for you. For Source is our provider for all things, comfort and nourishment included. It may be a time for you to be travelling on your own just now. Trust all that is.

This period will lead us to an incredible maturity and is a maturation process that we must undergo. The time is ripe. New beginnings beckon. Gifts will be rewarded for the hard work. It is time to consolidate all that we are, all that we are becoming. In a never-ending spiral of growth, we will expand, be filled with wisdom and experiences to share and Be.

We are moving into a period of inner work and healing. I offer Lifescript™ Energy Series; Every Day Alchemist™   

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We can only truly love ourselves when we integrate and synergise our dark and light. Rather than shoving it, hiding it away, we need to be vulnerable and show up as we are. Tell it how it is. Our life is an art form. We get to integrate it in a way that alchemises our shadow into light. And so it is.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2017


If you are having any issues around this article in your life do contact me for a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues. I also offer relationship coaching, with or without your partner.

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(1) – Communion – the female Search for Love, bell hooks, 2003



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