New Beginnings

We are a precipice of change – a dramatic one, collectively and personally. This has been building up for some time, and we all in some shape or form been pulled to trust what is going on, even if we have not liked the process or the outcome. For many, our dreams were shattered, relationships breaking down,( Karmic endings)  left feeling lost, abandoned, stuck, questioning our life that has been forced upon each and every one of us.

Some may not even have bypassed or ignored messages from the universe, but as we are moving into the Pluto/Saturn conjunction on 12th January, two heavyweights, breaking the old structures and anything hidden coming to its climax.  We have another eclipse, The Lunar on the 10th January 2020 which will do the final severing, generate a wake-up call to those who have managed to hide, dodge one’s emotions, financial irresponsibility, anything where we have not looked at or taken accountability in reality, in the mundane and practical. Anything skirted it with lies, deceit and such like will be hit by waves of reckoning. Time to wake up as we no longer can remain to be asleep, to the shifting of the energy and tides of the paradigm we have been living. Out with the old and in with the new. TIME TO GROW UP!

At this New Moon in Capricorn 26th December 2019, already occurred as I write this, conjunct Jupiter the planet of expansion, breakthroughs, inner wisdom, encourages us to sow the seeds for a new future for the collective and your life. This seed energy will reverberate for at least six months.

This potent new moon is eclipsed by the sun – known as the ‘annular solar eclipse’ due to a ring of fire visible on the outer rim, time to burn away the dark, old and stagnant and so the new can emerge.

Many know including me have gone through a ringer of pain, disillusionment, dreams forced to change and letting go of the old. It is very important that we do not focus on the past, wish for the past as it will keep is stuck. Look at it as an impasse where Divine Intelligence has our back.

Grieving and loss is part of human nature, and while there is no specific timeline for grieving,  it is important that we do not park ourselves in our heads playing scenes, having mad conversations, over lost love, or a job or whatever,  over and over again nor allow our mind to what could have been, should have been, and or how, fucked the whole thing was, now that distance has created and one can see clearly the illusions. What we allowed to happen, what we have settled for, without realising gone along with to keep the peace and love intact, where there were biases, unfair treatment and all in all despite not liking what life has mirrored back to us. That is because life is encouraging us to change and reroute.

This is a GIFT. Gratitude in breaking the Illusion and allowing for Forgiveness so we can Free our selves from Ties that no longer serve us. Work or personal, feeling abandoned one of the most painful things we can experience – as since out infancy we have been reliant on life, love and attachment, and whether it is our partners, life, friends, security, status, anything or anyone we have had a hold on.

When this is lost, it can feel heart wrenching, painful and take us to the depth of ourselves – none us can escape this process, and with all the Eclipses we have had this year, many would have experienced Karmic endings and new beginnings. Try not to blame yourself heavily as this is Karmic. Meant to be, so some part of you has no control, but it was all meant to happen, to wake us up and course correct. To so the Shadow Work. 

In this time of darkness, we are called to be the ring of light.  If we remember who we truly are, stand tall and align ourselves with Source, with cosmic consciousness, then we will resonate with that light and love.  Rather than becoming polarized or paralyzed in fear, we hold the wholeness of life within and without.  We live on this planet in a realm of light and dark, truth and falsehood, love and hate, creation and destruction. Within ourselves, we hold the light of the stars and the cosmos and the darkness of night and of the shadow self holding what is unresolved and buried within the recesses of our minds and hearts. – Heather Ensworth PH. D

I was so bereft in the ending of my relationship and dreams broken not to mention that my partner moved on to another too quickly for my comprehension, that I turned to some homoeopathic medicine to help with the process. Abandonment came up to the fore, and feeling stuck. I took Walnut Bach remedy, Red Gervilla, to release the stuck feeling that I had, and was recommended to take, ‘Pulsatilla’ for abandonment. I was abandoned as child time and time again, and also into my adult life by my core family. According to Susan Anderson Author of The Journey from Abandonment to Healing, many old deep-running rivers of pain live in our system and is triggered, and commonly revealed for healing after a breakup. What is interesting is the length of a relationship does not have any bearing to the experience of loss and death of a relationship. Sign up to my newsletter for more on this wonderful book, on the Be in the know to the right of this post. Inner child healing is recommended as part of the process to wholeness from abandonment.

Boronia and Bottlebrush Australian Bush flower remedies are both excellent for calming the mind, overcoming the looping thoughts, when pining for a relationship that has ended,  any emotional stress triggered by hurt and grief. The positive outcome of taking these gives one the ability to move on, serenity and most of all clearing your life force of negativity. Unlike an anti-depression tablet, it clears your casual energetic field and works, on subtle levels of emotion and not-dependent. Remedies are not uppers but clean the mental and emotional stagnation that can build-up through life, trauma and aiding in vitality and presence.

In my newsletter, I also share yoga postures, chakras and books to movies that help and or correlate with the cycles of life and my experience, and on occasions oracle or tarot cards for the month’s theme, which I will be posting.

Anyhow back to the article here!

Blame will have you stuck and serves no one most of your self. See what part you played, accept responsibility for your well being or lack of, forgiveness helps to release. This you must do. Because you only release blame when you first accept where you are NOW and the situation. It may be that it was unfair and unjust. But this is precisely a Karmic story being played out. 

New Beginnings

The magic here is to know you are meant to be here, right now at this time, in the way you are. Do not stay in denial, as it will prolong the block to new beginnings. Know that there will things you see,  hear that will throw you right back to memories or feelings of losing out. It is our inner child that is struggling to know that somethings are better out there and is in fear. Pulling at your emotional strings.

If you are struggling pray from your heart:

Mother Father of Pure Love, (Love Supreme) Please remove these feelings of pain and doubt. Let me accept all that is. Help me forward in life and eradicate this pain in my heart..or fear… etc.

Just know nothing can grow without change.

It is at this time we must be still, turn off all distractions, go out in nature, get quiet, and allow your inner peace to gain traction. If like us here in the UK the weather is not so great then sit by your altar or sacred space and connect with your deepest quiet self.  The connection between you and love supreme is very important. Call on angels, guides, your allies or ancestral beings, – whatever it takes to allow for the support at this time.

Let the healing occur, and bask in your inner spirit. It is time to return home to your self, so you can really hear what is asked of you and your new growth.

It is time for New Visions to be born

  • What needs to go for me to be truly fulfilled?
  • If money were not an issue at all, what would I like build or create? 
  • What needs to end in order for me to move forward?
  • What do I need to clear up to have a better view of where I am going?
  • Who in my life serves positively and who consistently lets me down or unavailable?
  • What things do I want to pursue this year?

Trust what is showing up in your life. Trust the signs as you ask. Trust the inner voice that guides you, that stars OMG, and where there is a spark.

Some may have already received a seed of new ideas, a glimmer or whispering of what your new life needs to be.

This ideas for change is for a long haul change. We are not talking of short fix ideas nor one that takes shape immediately. It is one that is to be cultivated long term for the 35 years ahead. Who do you want to be? What kind of world do we want to see and or leave behind?

Release any doubts, know you can do it and you do not need to know the how and have all the answers.

Take courage. that you have the inner strength to build your ideas and vision and face fear or difficulty with fortitude and confidence. You would not have been given this life or task if Love Supreme/Divine Intelligence did not feel that you have the strength to manifest it to life.

Accept the things you cannot change, take your focus off others, what they are doing, what they did not do, and you
would rather have happened. If it is meant to be it will be.

I found reciting the Green Tara mantra very helpful. Om Tare Tuttare Tare Sveha (pronounced Soha). She is known as the “mother of liberation”, and represents the virtues of success in, love, work and achievements – great one invoke at this time, remover of all obstacles and healing. 

As I recently told a friend, ones suffering, (as suffering is self-inflicted) is by sitting in the pain over and over again.

Get present, be in the now, as corny as it may sound, because, in the now, there is no evidence of pain. Only in our minds, that replays and has a field day, thinking things we have no need or business to. This is why mantras are also helpful as they are repetitive in sound, prayer, an invocation which helps you to tune out the noise, eventually. While simultaneously changing your vibrational field.

Aim to leave a Legacy…

New beginnings are beckoning, this eclipse is reconfiguring all of our lives. Growth must happen for expansion

( Jupiter Conjunction) to this moon. Tara is also associated with the moon.

Our purpose in life is to grow in Spirit. How we express it is our surrendering to Love Supreme. When you allow your self to be guided, all manners of endings and direction, like it or not will reveal itself. Our business is to trust, both inner and outer, and to receive all that is.

The universe always wants us to receive our good, nourish us in a way in the guise of LOVE. NO one said it was going to be easy and get what we want. WE get what we need to learn. Growing in awareness is part of the course, and the beauty of it is we can let go of what is not serving our highest good.  We can be open to the NEW.

We cannot go back or stay stuck without suffering the consequences.

Time to get disciplined to accomplish what our mind has been whispering to us, and set our mind to.

You can do it. Allow no naysayers to block you from going the distance. You will attract all you need.

For now, sit, be still and set your intentions, powerfully and well. This portal of energy is NOT TO BE WASTED.

IT is a Magical doorway to great mystery and miracles.

While closures are the order of the day, it will take a little more time for this to be truly felt. Just trust the process and let it die of its own nature. Time to bury the old.

A brand new decade is calling us all. Do your utmost best to rid of all outdated, dreams, beliefs and romantic notions which never truly fulfilled you anyway. Keep a positive focus and look forward.

Blessed be, an Abundant life is waiting. Know that you are a limitless being.

Rise. Rise. Rise.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2019


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Disclaimer: Please note that I am not certified nor qualified to recommend these but by personal use and years of personal study of the Australian Bush remedies. If you have any medical conditions or concerns please refer to your doctor first and get your doctors clearing on taking the Remedies. Do note that many doctors are ignorant of these alternatives and may recommend against your usage of these. I would consult your inner genie and or seek out a certified practitioner.



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