The purpose of your life…

I often hear, including myself once, the desperation of figuring out of what ones purpose is. Wanting to label the very thing I was meant to do, or become. Even Oprah in one of her back pages in her O magazine, wrote that is is ‘our business to find out what our purpose is and make it our business to go and live it out.’ However, that speaks to the old paradigm of having the very specific thing sorted in our minds, such as career or calling, but it is in fact a subtler form than that and much broader. The vastness of our individualisation is so paramount now that it is a matter You Mattering, NO Matter.

By this I do not mean it as each to there own. On the contrary. We do not live in isolation and nor does it mean whatever matters to me is the only way. But what matters now is going into the depth of ourselves – connecting to our soul selves, with what matters to us,  by living our truth. Absolute truth which will evolve and vary as we grow and change. Being in alignment and congruent to what is really important to us, that is NOT harmful to others but will have us rise in a way that spills over to others.

Our needs and desires and wants are a constant ebb and flow of cycles and change. To resist this is what causes discord and unhappiness. To do something because our husband or partner wants it..or to follow in the foot steps of ones parents expectations or to take on the families business or to go for a job that a friend recommends… To stay at a job, because you need the money, despite disliking everything about it and it doesn’t make you feel good. You settle for what is not longer working for you but do so as you are skilled to do the job and somewhat it is easier the crossing the shores of the unknown.

Waiting for the nudges of excitement and proclamation that directs our inner compass for it knows. It cannot do so – if we are not living from our truth. This can mean taking time out, napping, not feeling obliged to attend an event, staying quiet around the home, or going out for a nature walk…whatever your soul is directing you to do.

Be mindful of following the words of another rather trusting our own inner knowing. Psychics, card readers, and anyone you default to over your inner intelligence is set up right now to trick you so you will learn once and for all, time is a hologram and bears no definite fruit apart from the being in the truth of the now. In speaking to many individuals I have found this to be the case.

You might find yourself yo-yoing back and forth with ideas, plans, scraping them, resurrecting them and wondering what is the matter with you? Great stuff. Yes. You are listening to YOU. So what of what others may think of you or say? Things can seem scrambled especially in the age where are bombarded by the patriarch systems of achievement and time. Which is so removed from mother nature, all powerful and true.

Saying yes to roles that really don’t feel right, or doing more than your fair share in a marriage of relationship, because you don’t want to sound like a nag, or can’t bear to right a wrong, so will live in inequality despite you doing most of the work, running around and keeping the house going. Settling for a partner who doesn’t see you or care. These times are over. It’s not even about gender equality but what your soul longs to do and knows.

  • Where else can you release what needs to go?
  • What emails have you put off sending to make clear your terms so as not to offend or sound righteous?
  • Where are you not communicating honestly?
  • What items of clothing, things and habits are you holding onto?
  • Who haven’t you truly forgiven and keep on getting irritated by just the thought of them?

All these above examples are energy stealers and despite what you may think, subconsciously is eating away at your truth of love, for love and a life filled with empowerment for a better life and relationships.

In these times, and right out the gate with Taurus New Moon, the energies are very supportive of this shifting. Sit down out in nature, quit running around and filling every bit of your life moments with things to do, places to go and just BE. This new being-ness is calling out to us if we will only stop, get quiet and listen. In the stillness of our heart centre resides all we need to know. Eat well, nourish your mind, body and spirit. Cut out noisy banter, unfollow or get rid of people on FB that doesn’t fit you…it’s never about the numbers but the quality of exposure.

Do only what really speaks to you. Take the bull by the horns and make the changes you have been putting off.

Connect with everything love, no matter how small or trivial it may seem. In the times of where everything has to be bigger and more, those false illusions are sure to crumble. The big things are the tiny acts of thought and kindness, the loving effort in making and preparing food for those you love, a stroke of an arm or body, the sitting together in sharing food without the distraction of Netflix or TV; saying grace even if it sounds gawky and awkward – because what matters is being grateful for what we have right now, for being alive, and living in the times of being able to live our truth more than any other time. This is the privilege of our times, the collective shift and change.

Yes there is much disruption and destruction. It needs to happen on a personal level and collective level. depending where you are on your growth journey this will vary person to person. On a soul level there is nothing to fear. Tune in to your body. It will speak with you energetically. It doesn’t lie. Trust what it tells you.

We are releasing wounds from the past. We really cannot bypass this. Be it from this life or the karma from the past lives. Find yourself a ‘wholistic’ coach like me or a therapist who can act as ‘doula’ in helping you birth your new self.  We are whole beings and in order to get to the core of our true selves people in our lives will being mirroring what needs to healed and changed.

Your purpose in life is to live it whole heartedly, truthfully and fully. This means abundantly, joyfully and congruently.

You matter, No matter – let no-one tell you differently.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2017


If you are having any issues around this article in your life do contact me for a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues.

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