Emergence of Potential

A baby is born after much pain through natural laws by giving birth to itself through the mother, like a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Each and any new delivery, be it a new life, a baby, a new idea must be cultivated in utmost care. This delivery follows a period of gestation, transformation replenishment and nurturance.

In all cases, it is a rebirth of sorts. Even a baby in human form is a rebirth of the alchemy of the cells and nourishment. Our ideas which may seem to spring from nothing is in fact through the Divine connection. The emergence of this potential often follows the death of sorts. The endings and the having to let go, we have all experienced in some way opens a portal for new possibility.

Now some resist change, and the old saying goes if you continue to do things in the way you have always done them, you will always get the same results. On the other hand resisting change, holding on, sticking with what we know or know is safe is a form of sabotage, usually inflicted by the self as no one is ever responsible for the choices we make. It is your life and your decisions and choices.

The changes, by the way, does not need to be on the outside. Usually, the shift is found in the energetic potential from the inside. Whatever is ready to birth itself in your life, tend to it as a most precious lover. Like you would take a tiny baby, delicate, fragile, new, – holding it with utmost care, keeping off any danger, harm, fear that may ward off flourishment.

The first place to nurture and cultivate it in your mind and heart. Eradicate it of all fears. Fear is the ego clutching at the old thinking and patterns. If fear has gripped you, ‘co-parent’ yourself until you are aware of where this thinking is from, or until you can talk yourself out of judgement, into a space of love, self-love.

Be discerning in your actions and who you might share your ideas. Be not quick to flaunt the new creative endeavour to the outer world. Especially now we are embedded in such narcissistic cultural of exposures ‘of look at me.’ thanks to Facebook and the internet. Let the newborn grow organically, be it a fresh new relationship, rekindling of an existing one onto a new level, a new job, a new creative idea. Hold the space for its growth, and share your potential only with a few who honestly have your back and will not judge you in any way and instead nurture the heart of the creative change.

In time the world will reflect your new life. In the meantime, clear your inner and outer space of debris, negativity, old forms, things, attitudes and practice keeping your dual home clean and tidy, for the continuous spaciousness and sustenance of the new birth.

Stay centred in your heart, provide the emergence of potential with all the support from your allies and any Spiritual Guides, God, Deities, Goddesses, Angelic beings or a deceased member – you choose as your cheerleaders and aiders. Divine Spirit is always there to help. ASK.

In times of inevitable ups and downs as we find our footing with the new, be gorgeously kind to yourself, like you would to a newborn.

Softly softly, one step at a time, call on your ‘Magical Godmother and Godfather’, to guide you. Let them whisper the guidance and emotional support you need, and soon the new life will take form, growing and getting stronger.

The emergence of potentiality transforming into possibilities.

In the fullness of trust, offer gratitude and witness its flourishing.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2018


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