Letting Go

There is a pull with Venus going retrograde as it is in its shadow stage. Some of you will find you feel out of sorts, physically and emotionally. This is a call in these areas:
In needing to readjust what’s not working
  • Where you have fallen short of taking care of yourself?
  • Where giving others the power, letting others dominate subconsciously?
  • Following a tribe where you might feel is not quite you, or where being in a clan means you hand over your ability and let the ‘Guru’ higher Goddess or Priestess, influence your thoughts, movements and themes of the group, in other words being a groupie without personal freedom?
  • Where have you also been hijacked by some Instagram post or ideal?  This could show up in how you behave, how you eat, what influences you, your peer groups and at work.
People with strong co-dependence nature can easily fall prey to control, group dependency, denial that they fall under the spell of the leader or an individual, ideology or anything outside of themselves that have them not be in touch with their core selves.
Spiritual groups are rife with these, and often, members of clan and individuals can become repressed as not to break the unspoken code of the group, and community. Some lead an obsessional life where they seek constant affirmation of their existence through the eyes of the partner, leader, boss or anyone for that matter.
Leader dominance is covert in offices and companies.
We are being called to recalibrate our selves and Venus entering retrograde in Libra will be the first stage of this redo.
Our tribe members can be new, the ones we have adopted and or our original family. It could also be people who live and come from villages and small towns, where living by the law of this group, social thinking, beliefs are being brought to question. Religious sects or any for that matter whereby the authoritarian of the unit is one of rigid ideology and ways of being. Trust what you feel. If you are unhappy or know it is not for you, get out.
For those in long-term partnerships marriages where one you might have compromised yourself beyond recognition, for safety, out of weakness, and or being hoodwinked, now is the time where these changes will be beckoning. Some may have to let go completely, as in leave for good and others, through communication and combined and mutual respect and effort can reintegrate and build what is important for both parties and synergise a union to the next level.
If you are in a one-sided relationship and you will know, that you are, it is time.
As with the image of the Osho Zen Tarot, the droplet is about to fall. Nothing can stop it.
Each of the drops on the leaves is parts of us. At the right time in life, if we trust and follow the pull, things will naturally fall away or be cleared to be let go of.
Once we let go of what does not serve us, it will have ripple on effect beyond ourselves. This is because we have added to our soul’s truth, and it can only have a positive impact and benefit to the community and those around us.
Fear can creep up and have you stuck or bitching about life, primarily coming from the victim mode and fear of the inner child. Be love and do not judge your pain or anyone. Be the great mother to yourself and another. Hold the space without interference and just listen and allow the pain and tears to be expressed. It is calling for attention, therefore pay attention.
If you need any life guidance or support this month, I have a few slots available. For life Guidance readings and counselling in matters of Core, Relationships and Life. Contact for any enquiries.
In the meantime, write a list of everything you feel the need for change. Start there. Turn them into goals, and take whatever action however small to implement them.

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If you are having any issues around this article in your life do contact me for a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues. I also offer relationship coaching, with or without your partner.

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