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At the Quinta in Portugal where I am currently residing, I found myself taking up raking as a form of physical therapy. As a seeker and an observer of life, what message it mirrored with what is going on, both in my life and collectively at this time. I loved the way in which the dead leaves would easily shore up with the rake, while the healthy rooted plants stayed in place. The more I raked and cleared up the fresher everything looked and vibrant the ground seemed to be.

What if, we took the time to comb through our life’s belongings, practicalities, plans and our minds garbage? Being in a Karmic relationship with my partner for the last two years has meant that there has been much clearing out and challenges for growth. And I also know for many the last handful of years has not been an easy ride in any way. I personally found the act of raking physically exhilarating, fun, engaging in focus, most of all useful in clearing out the debris and negativity that accumulated on matters I struggled to let go.

Nothing like travelling and driving for over 22 hours non stop with your partner as co-pilot and vice versa with a travel sick cat in tow to really try out your patience and find that your partner is not all that cut out in certain matters as you project or thought them to be!

Into our days at the Quinta, we somehow found the act of raking together seemed to re-establish our individuality, teamwork, interdependence and respect for each others method thereby allowing love to enter the space once again. Working toward a common goal where neither interjected the ‘how to do it’ but just got on with the business of raking the dead leaves, and the only criteria was as we did so, ‘What thoughts could we in own minds get rid of as we shoved the mound of leaves into a pile for burning?’.

Satisfied and happy with our afternoons work!

In previous times and for most New Years, it marks a time of intentions, goals and plans. Right off the bat we charge forward at a frantic pace, as if the year ahead was a personal race to see how much we can get done, achieve, whatever your goal. Be it to increase the numbers of business clients, facebook likes, increase in salary, lose weight, run more, do more, or any other measured ideal we note down by thinking ‘this is what I must do in order to be better than I am.’

Then with our personal maps (if you were lucky enough to have drawn one of these out before the end of the year!) our best plans laid out like a good school girl or boy so we go about our year ticking off lists, weekly and monthly agendas on or marked calenders and measure our sense of worth with what how we have scored or and if we have achieved our target. Is this not how we are encouraged to map out our lives?

What I have learnt is life does not work that way, and more and more we called to be present to moment to moment. Quite the opposite to what we have been taught and encouraged. Ideals mapped out by structural operations, coaches and managers, CEOs, personal journals in achieving our goals!

These times more than any other time, as we slumber out back to work or school, we must clean up the old way of doing, being and thinking. FIRST.

It may be necessary to clear out your closets, office space, kitchen cupboards, children’s playroom, toys, yours and everybody else excessive accumulation of stuff which we buy thinking that we need more and feel better for having more! How many nail varnishes do you have? Neckties? Shoes? Garden materials? Broken rakes? Scarves, coats? Old ideas, projects that have been neglected for how long? Broken items in hope to glue it back together once you get the right adhesive?

How about what is in your mental garage? The armours we have put up once way back when to protect ourselves from some insult that we took on board as real and have lived time after time whether it is your own or generational? The racket of noise we carry the day in and out, over and over again, looping round – old patterns and triggers that happen week and week out? We blame our partners or boss; A colleague, friends – all in our minds or out loud, and yet we do nothing to dismantle this mental loop. How crazy is that? We see messages through social media, be love, send love, its all about love, and yet we haven’t tended to our toxic wounds, dead beliefs and old stories that have stuck in a narrative that it isn’t true!

Rake out, by taking time to really notice what is keeping you hostage, dragging you down and is an energy depleter. It really is a time to undo the mental and psychic cogs and blocks bit by bit. Use your body as a monitor to what needs to go.

Put yourself first. That said, ask yourself, ‘is this choice taking me forward or backwards?

The way to get ahead this year 2019 is to START slow, like the tortoise in the famous tale, The Hare and the Tortoise.

Please stop punishing yourself or thinking you owe it to anyone to be what they want you to do or be. Be in charge. Do this by taking time out and slowing down. YES! right down.

Know that all answers live within ourselves and that we carry this in our Destiny DNA and it is from the space of nothingness that it emerges. The blank space or void we create, the part where most people are so uncomfortable with being is where we need to be. Creating a blank canvas, a directionless plan whereby emptying fully – we leave room for something new to come. This is natural law. We need to release, prune and cut away. See what is essential and get rid of what is not required. Our thinking, things, anyone you know you with whom you are more tahn likely to be going round and round with and not get anywhere. Sometimes wisdom calls for letting go and that is the boundary we need to put up. Our inner voice can only be heard when we tend to our internal world.

Clarity does not come forth from thinking we have to do this and that, but ‘seeing’ beyond the 3rd dimensional and ‘hearing’ what emerges and moves you, through you. If things need to end or have ended, shed all the tears you need to say goodbye to anyone or anything, gently make room, by creating harmony in the things that you can change. Do a burning ritual to let go of old negative thinking, hold patterns and for inner work, be the alchemist of your self.

Get rid of any excess clothes, thinking, tinctures, gifts you got and don’t like, pass it on. Whatever you do not keep hold of ANYTHING that adds no richness or holds you back in your life. If you have had to think too hard about a decision chances are that is not the right time to make that decision or it is not right.

Have patience as you set and prepare for what is wanting to birth through you. Right soulful ideas are calling and waiting to capture your attention and be born out of you. By the end of the month ( January by the time soon after the Lunar Eclipse on the 20th) we will be shown the way onto our journey, guided as if by magic, it will appear in small whispers. Some you have already had a glimmer of truth-seeking you. The direction will be apparent, and you will see signposts directing you. Take what you need and leave the rest behind. By tending to your inner landscape and outer closets, your load will be lighter for the journey ahead.

Call on the angel of strength when you feel vulnerable, uncertain and impatient. Trust what you hear, the guidance and follow through step by step only then begin to lay out your plans and start thinking about how you go about your actions and changes that are beckoning for your new normal.

In the meantime, by all means, get on with things, get your ducks in order. Bring some play into space and day, drawing, journaling, dancing, chanting, let all the simplest of actions be from your essence. Spend time being still and sit doing nothing, simply inhale and exhale. Then you will be fully present allowing Spirit to lead you.

Chakra to focus on for a illuniated path:

The solar plexus is a good chakra to balance, tune-up and harmonise. Go out in the sun and draw is its generous spirit for the sun daily gives us, sustenance, power and strength. In your mind eye, see the sun and or imagine it radiating its light into your navel area. See it getting bolder and bolder. Radiant and more radiant. In doing this you will draw to you core guidance, power, confidence and more. Your inner compass charged, you will know what to do and where to go. Spend 5 minutes or more doing this daily.

Body work to promote and support current energies:

This is standing up cat stretch, or this can be executed on all your fours on the floor. The emphasis however is on the navel and centre of the body. This exercise helps to charge the solar plexus and maintain flexibility in mind and body allowing you to flow and be flexible outwardly too! A rigid body is a rigid mind!

  1. Bring your attention to your belly button
  2. Imagine a piece of string from the front to the back body at your navel
  3. Inhale, as you do draw your navel back so to curl spine into a C shape, bringing your head forward
  4. Exhale and uncurl your body in the opposite direction, flexing the lower back as you do so
  5. Repeat several times, inhaling and exhaling, speeding up you if you wish. Open your mouth wide and exhale out to release and let go!
Cat Stretch or marjaryasana

I love singing and chanting, and this Gayatri Mantra is the Mother of the Vedas, regarded as The Master Mantra. Superseding and encompassing all. Its essential prayer is that we are illuminated and attain spiritual Power. Chanting this and or being in an earshot of this graceful prayer will alter your energy centres and draw in a healing vibrational quality to your wellbeing. There various lengths and renditions of this, if you go onto youtube, choose whichever speaks to you. I enjoy singing to Deva Premals version.

One of the translations of this Mantra

May we meditate on the effulgent Light (or Power)
of the Worshipful One Who Has given birth to all worlds.
May this One direct our Mind-rays towards the path of Good.

We meditate on the transcendental Glory of Deity Supreme, who is inside the heart of the earth, inside the life of the sky and inside the soul of Heaven. May He stimulate and illuminate our minds.


Your New Life awaits, something as sweet as honey is out there. Believe and trust! Have faith. Opportunities beyond your mind could conjure up is about to be born. Let the Divine lead you to your authentic and heartfelt ideas – To places where you will be nourished. Trust the whispers which speak out to you in your dreams or the constant nudges you feel. What lights you up and has you animated. Success is assured to those who take the route of clearing and being in the scared space of gestation and patience. Let the Sacred birth happen in its own time.

Wishing you all a blessed journey and a year of great wonder and magic.



© Rafah Sabbagh 2018


Let’s life magic unfold before your senses. Witness the changes be it physical or psychological resulting in releasing the energetic patterns which have you hostage to undesirable conditions. In working with the chakras LIFESCRIPT ENERGY SERIES loosening the hold of your inner child wounding – you will live life freer, filled with truth, heart and healing.

If you are having any issues with this article in your life do contact me for a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues. I also offer relationship coaching, with or without your partner.

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* Image is taken from Osho Zen Tarot – Knight of Rainbow -Slowing Down

*Leaves and Rake – My Photo January 2018 Copyright©

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