Heartfelt Boundaries

The issue of love is very prominent at this time

Working with clients as with myself, the issue of Love is very prominent at this time. What we value, what is essential in our partnerships, where there are imbalances and disparity to what we do, what we want, and to what is happening.

For example, I had a client and pining to have a relationship and did not understand why she had not met her ‘the one’ partner yet. It transpires that she still holds a torch for her ex, who she has not seen nor spoken to in two years. There is an incompletion to her ending, and she has been emotionally carrying the wounding despite wanting a new partner.

Every single person I know is having to make changes at this time seriously. Be mindful it is a process. One must delve into their shadow aspects face in locating the blindspots.

Our behaviour is stemmed from our inner belief system, and the outer is simply a mirror for us to make this inquiry. – Which ironically has been blatantly obvious, but denial has been playing a huge role. The need to be loved, hold onto a false sense of security is now being questioned.

Re-create our script

We have the opportunity at this time to re-create our script, life and anything that needs clarity and balancing.

The new energy currents are asking of us, where we need to say NO, no more and time to go.
Codependence is one area that I have found through my card readings sessions to be a significant player.

Be it addictions to soft or hard drugs, pulling in the same old partner patterns, stuck in unrequited Love or third party situation, the question to ask is:

  • What is it in me that accepts this?
  • Why do I behave this way?
  • What can I do to make the change?
  • What steps can I make to ease my emotional life?
  • What would self-love look like for me?
  • Where do I need to say no?
  • Where must I engage with heartfelt boundaries to myself or with others and stick with it?

Remember whatever you decide to change, boundaries are the core of our actions. It is our powerhouse, and we need this healthy Solar plexus, work with the heart to deliver our truth.
There will be times that it could shake us to our core, but we must stand firm in ourselves and take it one step at a time.
They will be days when you will feel shakey and more vulnerable. That is ok. Feel your feelings and be truthful about them.
Like any newborn animal, it first wobbles before it finds its footing.

Love for life is beckoning

Love for life is beckoning. Put a wall up if you must to anything or anybody who is stealing your time, plans, making you rearrange, welch on yourself despite what others insist you do.

Only you know the truth.
Keep on moving toward Love. There has been much turbulence for many, but it has been co-created by us to wake up and take heed. To create a newer and more liberated life, we must learn to trust ourself and own our power. Listen out for the truth day by day as you navigate the new path, and guard your new birthing vigilantly, keep away from those who don’t support you or project their agenda onto you.

You must be discerning to know who to trust. Feel your belly or what energy you come away with after an interaction. Energy does not lie.
We are being stripped of internal beliefs that are failing us. Like it or not, it is not a mistake.
Keep on moving toward Love. To do so, we must let go of something.
To make our life sacred – we must sacrifice what is not serving our growth and life. Give it thanks as you consciously recognise the role it played and what you learning or have gained.

Release the deep wound to let Love within ourselves live and be seen.
It is time for you to reveal the vibrant Love that is within. You know what you are doing and must do.
Take a leap of faith, take, however many steps you need, start with where you are, one by one toward a path of Love.

Very important for one to practice daily acts of self-kindness, eating well, meditating, working on your chakras – keeping your vibration attuned to your essence. This will keep you intact in the midst of chaos and help you greatly in navigating the new terrain of love.

And so it is. Namaste.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2019


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