Yield to Life

For many weeks now, many have undergone radical shifts, turbulent emotional rides and a sense of being out of balance.

It is vital right now, as we are on the precipice of this Cancer Full Moon Lunar Eclipse tomorrow Uk Moon Phase and Time and beyond that, we work on being anchored, make a consistent effort in self-care, which means eating well, resting, listening to your body, avoiding toxic environments, over-drinking, going outdoors in nature, taking walks, Epsom salt baths, whatever your self-care regimen can be — saying NO. Making your boundaries clear are all part of the course.

Anything can tip the balance right now, and we see this happening out in our world and planet.

Staying centred in our hearts does not mean that we get what we want, or avoid the inevitable and control any external behavioural or decisions people are making and or Lifes Happenings. Every one of us is on our own path, despite being affected by each other and life.

Stating anchored in your core is the only way through these changes and turbulent times.
We are all called to step up, upgrade and rise.

It can be in areas of compassion, forgiveness, owning your power, opening your heart even more, despite another’s choice or transgressions.

Our emotional weather vane may have been spinning in all directions of late, and our feelings must be tended to with care, time and kindness.

Grieving for some may have been the pathway as we release karmic ties and forge new ones. Lots of old hurts returning to be felt and released. Allow the purging as and when it comes, and try not to bypass it with medication or self-medicating, which is the route of the west. It doesn’t serve in the long run, and the wound gets carried and stored in the body and other relationships down the line. Here is a chakra healing and cutting the cord meditation that can help with moving on after a break-up or when you need to let go of a partner/boyfriend or someone you have a holdover. Cutting the card means that you are no longer energetically hijacked or pulled by the other person, but can be with and around them without any emotional attachment.

Many that have split up or severed relationships can find themselves reconciling due to the inner shifts, and work leading to soul growth that has occurred. One thing we must accept is everyone has free will and may not fit you at this time, and or make choices that you like.

If you are feeling rejected and experiencing loss, it is time to enter your inner temple and tend to your inner light and spark. It is one of life’s more difficult tasks to feel the pain of loss and endings. Our head will not get us out of the pain. Only feeling it in all its rawness can we move through and make changes that support our truth at the moment as it arises.

As yourself, What do I feel?
Make heart honouring choices as you go about the force of change – go with your inner wisdom.

NO need to push, pull and do your head in with possible choices. We can’t always have the answers and figure out what lies ahead. The more you try to do so, the more it will jam you up. The more you insist on holding on and being rigid with what you think, the more it will have you stuck. A daily practice of tuning your chakras, working with your inner child will all serve to aid you at this time. Many will be challenged on their wounded and unresolved issues, stemming from the child aspect of conditioning and past hurts.

Open up to life’s magic even though it may not seem so at the time. Spend time with your feelings, allow yourself to be vulnerable, letting go of control and tend to your needs.

This way, you can make self-honouring choices despite what is happening, allowing your intuition to guide you in the right direction.

Blessed Be,

Rafah x


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