Between Worlds

The last few months have brought many of us to see what is not for us. The universe has played a heavy hand in highlighting inconvenient truths, plans, blockages, where we might have shed tears, felt depressed, angry, let down, betrayed, and a whole host more.

Karmic themes have been the backdrop of the stage, set by our soul contracts, to clear out, weed out, place boundaries, position ourselves even it was not by choice, to reevaluate our place in the inner world as well as the external.

Each member of the players on our ‘board’ has been positioned to have us rise, and let go. The culmination of our individual uncomfortable experiences is so another cycle of activity and life force can emerge.
Between Worlds is where we all just now.

Moving from familiar scenes we have lived, grey and unnourishing to the new paradigm that is more colourful, true and one that is beckoning for our becoming.

With Saturn and Pluto conjoined in their movements and coming to a climax in early 2020, January 12 to be precise, its as if a significant current has been pulling us to wake up and see what is not conducive anymore.

What we need to let go. What partnerships don’t serve, where we keep on looping around the typical behaviours and need to change. A course on soul growth and development.

Birth, life, death and rebirth, an active force through all things is reaching and has reached culmination for a new cycle of activity.

Come to the Edge

Listen out for the elements surrounding you. Take care of your energy, how you eat, who you hang out with. Weed out, what is not working, keep your intent clear and focused. Slay the vagabonds in your world, junk feeds or notices through your FB feed and mailboxes, real-life hanger oners, and keep your eye on your goal – Fulfilment.

Time and time I hear this nonsense about being happy. I want to be happy. I want to make lots of money because…what does that mean? Happy? I can be momentarily satisfied for eating a bar of chocolate, having that joint, drink, or ice cream, but does it fulfil me? NO. Happiness is fleeting. Fulfilment is the undercurrent of deep satisfaction, the substance that has us keep going.

Going the distance 

Who do you let into your door, not only your physical door but your psychic door? Stop being nice. Where are choices coming from your old self or the one that knows that it has learned through experience, and must show up differently, and distribute itself well in the next life?

What do you need to do to create a life for the long haul?
This is a time of overcoming fear, accepting the risk, acting toward the progress you want to make, taking heartfelt decisions and not your head, – no matter the pull and maybe, others advice over your authentic dial, only you can know something does not feel right, because others are NOT LIVING your souls journey!!

I am clear about this when I read, guide and coach people.
The unknown is the only course we have before us. We cannot see what is thoroughly ahead nor know precisely what purposeful direction we are heading in. Moment to moment is the order of the day.

Double-edged sword living

Going for what you know to be true but at the same time not knowing where it’s going to take you, what action to take, undo, review, change, nor the timing.

The Challenge here is to be sure what it is you want out of life.
As a reliable compass, I’d ask: Does this fulfil me?

Does this ( person, partner, job, situation ) bring me fulfilment?
Essential quality to observe is our response. As we always have an option no matter what. We need to discern the exchange of our time, love, the value of things, seeking fulfilment in our endeavours, and very important to bring closure or completion to anything which does not support our fulfilment.


Intuitive heart boundaries – building blocks to keep out anything is the work that is required now. Bit by bit, raising our level of occupation in the world and seeing what is needed and how one can serve. If we look carefully, multi-dimensionally and fully observe our world around us, paying attention to what is filtering itself through – the guidance is always there.

We know on a soul level what we have come to do. Very important more than any other time to keep the noise out, especially these times.

Time to build our foundation, honour our life values, ethics, morals and core beliefs.
They will differ from person to person. We’ve all met people ( look at the politicians, e.g.) who deem themselves to cheat, lie, justify their act of dishonour and project their behaviour as countenance to your act of courage or a force outside of themselves — in essence, wearing the badge of Victimhood.

They don’t engage out correctness, with clarity or deliver on what they say.
Focus on your strength and build a wall if you must to keep them out.

NO matter what is on the outer plane, our focus must be on our inner and making our life on solid ground despite the distractions and pulls around us.

Like the Buddhist meditation teacher who came for a reading in his own admission confesses the need to ‘get meditation right.’ The need for perfection overriding what is and recognises he has control issues.

The CEO of a company, feeling consistently hurt and burnt out. His means of existing has derived from being over-generous by wanting to been seen as the good guy.

Heartfelt boundaries are imperative to build the vision we want.
Intentions and focus to serve from a place of deep knowing are what must guide us.

Carry on with the daily tasks in the meantime. Keep your house clean inner and outer. Weed out projects, thoughts, what you ingest, clutter, anything that has you think, – Meh…or Nah I can’t d this any more! Anymore being the key what needs to go and or change.
Straighten out the edges and get things in order. Step by step. Bit by bit. Be the architect of your life.

You know what works for you. Trust your intuition. Even it means drawing a line, with those you care about. It is the sacred dialogue you have between you and Source. Nothing can change that. The wisdom you have learnt that got you this far and will take you even further.

Go with the flow between worlds. There is nothing to force or resist.
The outcome is assured to those who tune into their hearts and respond accordingly.
Nothing can stop you now. Trust it and take steps toward the new life beckoning. This is not something we will see overnight results, far from it.
What we are moving toward is far more significant – the creation of destiny.

And so it is. Namaste.


Rafah x

© Rafah Sabbagh 2019


Image is taken from Colette Baron-Reids, Wisdom of the Oracle Deck.


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