Honouring Change

Many I personally know and from what I see, on social media is the love of this season, Autumn.
The bright copper and red leaves and the moist scent of the earth, burning wood, leaves spiralling down and cascading around as nature dances with the natural tide of death and rebirth.

Oh how we love this time of the year but how many loathe the paradox of death and rebirth. Be it an invisible force or visible. We avoid it at all costs.
Be it getting older and witness our saggier skins, end of relationships, contracts or sudden losses. We do everything and anything to defy the ageing process, hold onto dead-end jobs, relationships replaying the same old story, narrative and patterns.

Desperate to have something new, feel new and yet we deal with life as if it were on groundhogs day.

Nature, on the other hand, releases all that needs to go without holding on. It understands that it must let go of its old form to regenerate.

Many of us have undergone challenging aspects in one’s home life, relationships and anywhere that has had binding patterns that clearly no longer serve. Whether it was an abrupt and conscious ending or something that could be worked out after a period of reflection, is yet to be determined.

My last essay, In Between Worlds, talks about this in much more detail.

What is asked of us though us to come from the source of All Love.

It is a devotion to life that must be honoured no matter what the season is, the tide of emotional experience we are undergoing.

The shift taking place will depend on what you have decided your values, and authentic experience needs to be, look like, and who you are becoming.

In many indigenous cultures, there are rituals for change and honouring of endings and new beginnings — celebrations of loss, wins and gains as well as rites of passages.

They inherently respect the law of nature and see it as to allow themselves to live ALL with their arms open as a sacrifice to a soulful-life. In western culture and modern society, we have been educated to see death as a ‘bad thing’. Death or endings to be avoided at all cost, constantly bombarded by the images of youthfulness, avoidance, escapism and any which way to bypass the process of transformation.

The only way through pain is through it — women who have given birth only know too well.

In a heartfelt breakup, when you know that no matter what love you had, years spent together, sometimes the only way forward, is to embrace the rites of passage to growth and change. A soul knows when the time is right to enter a new level of life.

Like any good ending must-have, however painful or dire it may feel is one of acknowledging the gifts bestowed from being together – however short or long. The lessons learnt and being grateful for the beauty and blessings in every moment of life.

As we release we perhaps can take some time to go into our hearts (even if it is heavy with sadness and feels broken), for this too shall pass.

But to celebrate the love, the good, the happy times, the times that made you feel safe, joyful, expanded, and whatever else you have come to share. This could be a project, employment, identity, a sibling relationship, parent and child, man woman, a friend of old – any completions of this cycle.

Just as the leaves do so in Autumn, release themselves off the branch when the time is ripe with loving grace.

Be it physical, emotional, spiritual or intellectual. Trust that the Universes Love transmutes everything.

Therefore dear friends, hold dear into your hands, the love as spiritual growth and passage so we can evolve and mould ourselves more from the heart, no matter what.
By honouring mother earth, we can we mark each passage.
Wisdom is gained by honouring changes.

Blessed Be,

Rafah x


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