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I have found that when we feel vulnerable or afraid we’re on a precipice of change. It can be really uncomfortable especially when it is a situation that has been forced upon us, something beyond our control – it could be in matters of health, a release of a relationship, and change in our daily pattern, and ending of some kind heralding a new beginning. These pathways serve us to grow. Rather than judging the situation as being wrong, stupid, or unfair with questions like ‘What was I thinking? How did this happen? What now? Where will I go from here? When will I know? Will he call? Will she call? How can I be let down like that? Why me? Again?

The fear and sadness which creeps up can have us feeling broken, unable to breathe, destabilising our very being, no one can ever escape these moments which is thrust upon by the universe.

You are free to love yourself, as is you were the most beautiful, precious child, mothering yourself at these times brings us back to safety, trusting the voice of a caring mother, (especially and even if you were not raised by one). The need to be mothered in an absolute way helping us to feel nurtured, cared and loved. Breathe. Talk to the tiny inner child, see her/him in your mind’s eye, being cradled by your warm, loving embrace, rocking side to side.
Inhale, exhale. ‘Yes, it is alright, my love. My precious one. You beautiful child, I am here for you. Here with you, always. I shall never abandon you and know that I am here protecting you. Watching over you. Everything will be alright. As it should be.’

Anytime you feel out of balance and fear hijacks you, close your eyes, and tend to your inner child as of she or he were the most precious one, offering compassion and affection.

You could be experiencing some sort of difficulty just now. Trust that the Universe Always has our best interest, no matter what. No matter what the outer circumstances. Emotions are very high right now, lovingly speaking to ourselves, going out in nature connecting to Gaia, the Universal Mother, trees, the ocean, the sky, the trees, (standing people) whatever way you can nurture yourself will be the most appropriate thing for you to be to be doing. Getting grounded, connecting to the earth, root chakra, during times of destabilisation, eat red foods, red beans, or earth foods, such as root vegetables can really help too. Practice some grounding yoga posture, feet firmly rooted to the ground can also help bring our worries out of the body and offer it to mother earth. Offer her your pain and tears, if that is what you could be experiencing. Stay present in your body. Lengthen out, breathe expanding the heart. See all the beauty around you. Connect with all that is. Draw in what you imagine to be the healing light of love.

  • ‘I am now releasing any imperfect mothering I have received, and liberate my mind, body and heart in receiving grace in healing my past, allowing the flow of life to love and support me for my highest good.’
  • ‘I am a child of the universe, and all is divinely perfect.’
  • I ready to receive my divine blessings and even though I cannot see my way forward clearly, I can take it one moment at a time. I am safe and divinely blessed.’

Notice how you feel now.
Don’t worry if you don’t feel anything yet. Trust that the release is occurring, and your energy is shifting. Your field of consciousness is becoming more expanded and lighter. Like a rose ready to bloom releasing its fragrance, know that you are love, and in that once more you are free to love, yourself and all those around you.
Walk in beauty, and connect to life once again. Bloom where you are. You will feel connected to your body, peaceful and grounded once more.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2018


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