In all our relationships, be it personal, work and any form of relating be it a cashier, coffee server, another driver, whoever, anyone we come into contact with, can be social media of course, rife with people projecting their story, wounds and issues of self-esteem. Expectations, judgements and desires are part of the projected movies our subconscious or unconscious will play out.
The next few months, the cosmic energy is upping its gear forcing circumstances and unexpected interpersonal challenges revealing inner child wounds to the fore.
There could trigger significant reactions on all sides, and it is good time to seriously notice where the deep wounding and where your part plays in all this. It is never the other person, as much as we would like to abject blame.
What to look for:
What happened or what is going on before your eyes?
How are you reacting?
Where in your body do you feel it?
Are you withdrawing or attacking someone verbally with what you think?
What are hurt feelings surfacing?

Some of these can cause significant problems in relationships and dealings with others. Know when it is yours or not. Try to avoid getting roped in by projections of others. When issues or woundings from early childhood exist, it is effortless to get hijacked by our deep emotions and project it out as the projector but also as a defender. Whatever you see is your projection.

Being mindful is paramount, take a step back and be the witness of what is going on. Being aware will give you time and space to negotiate them, with what might be a mad interaction, one that is firey, unexpected and heated.
These months ahead will be intense but is asking of us to shed, and the do the inner healing work.
It’s like catching the wave that will support and help you at this transformational time.
There could be much hurt being displayed, and our partners or individual family members can genuinely fire off with reaction. How we manage this, and our loved ones will depend on how much inner work you have already done. Not a time to walk on eggshells but perhaps to handle it with kids gloves, as you will be directly dealing with the other person pain.

If it is you and you know that you are triggered and extremely reactionary, it is certain that inner healing is calling out for attention.
We must become love in action.

You can book me for a conversation to see how I can help with your inner child wounding – Life Script Energy Series.
I also offer couple coaching which is transformative and life-enhancing., bringing joy, intimacy, connection, love, strength, trust and honour into the union.

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