Pain is there for us to take notice

I don’t know about you, but this new Moon in Gemini has had me stop in my tracks and tune into diatribe of thoughts so much so that I had to stop and take walks in nature, do some yoga on a lawn by the river, to still my mind and for me to hear what is wanting to come through.

Due to the planetary action in the skies, Mercury entering Cancer, the sign of home, comforts, nurturing and peace, it had gotten pretty loud in there that I’ve had to take stock of its communication.

I noticed I was beginning to feel troubled by a recent offer by an acquaintance made to share her table at a summer fair, giving readings. While I accepted it as a generous offer and opportunity, a couple of days after this invitation I noticed that I was beginning to feel seriously uncomfortable. The voice got louder and over in my mind and my gut, they say our stomach is the second brain – well worth taking notice of. This is why it’s called a gut instinct. Something did not add up. What was also in the way was my partner, and I decided to travel to Portugal in search of your new home finally, and this opportunity would have yet again delayed our plans. This trip had been postponed several times already due to my partner’s building projects, which had contributed elements of disappointment and frustration over the course of the year.

This time it was my work that would further postpone our plans. I paid close attention to what was really underneath this subtle but strong communication (Gemini’s New Moon ruled by Mercury, which is in Cancer as it passes). I got clear that it was not the delay of our trip but rather a bitter feeling that I would regret taking this offer up. An inner knowing that with quiet reflection the pieces of the puzzle become clear. While well intended I knew this person to be fickle and a backstabber. One that keeps score and will let you know through action and verbally that ‘you owe her’ and or that you won’t hear the end of her good deed in helping you out if this opportunity were to lead to increased clienteles for me.

I had concluded in my mind as I walked through Chiswick House, that somehow this was going to bite me in the arse. In the very moment, a bee or insect smacked right into my face. I knew then that this was a confirmation from the universe that my thinking was very tuned in and accurate. I got my sign loud and clear. What a relief I felt after I had come to this conclusion and awareness.

I inquired about the pain I felt, and why was it so? 

The pain was the old belief that I could not have what I wanted ( I was frequently denied my desires as a child) and therefore had to take what was being offered. My transformed self also knew this was no longer necessary nor the case. Once we have changed our energetic field at our core, things or ways of being no longer resonates can call upon a form conflict as the inside no longer matches the outside, and it can take a while for the aligned shift to happen in the physical outer form. But you will always be alerted or know.

These deep old wounds run us like a quiet old river toxic filled with debris which got dumped there along the way. Trash which was not ours, to begin with, but left behind by all those close. Or by some adopted strategy to survive the pain that was imposed on us through mis-parenting and cruelty of any adult that could have affected us.

I am not going to put myself through this again. I affirmed. Just like that peace fell over my being and once again calm was restored in my troubled heart.

We need to start waking up and notice the patterns that are being played out and or repeating itself. This summer, in particular, many will be undergoing some severe inner inventory as six planets are going retrograde, meaning a major do-over. Inner transforming work is a MUST. I’ve been saying this time and time again, that no amount of affirmations alone, listening to high and mighty youtube clips and words/memes is going to shift your inner core unless you do the spiritual /emotional work.

To work with me on this, Inner Child Empowerment is a must. This is how we become whole, true and authentic. It is a fast track to ourselves, the ‘wonder’ self. To live free from the bondage of our past.

Claim your Liberated Life.

Much Love,

Rafah xx



© Rafah Sabbagh 2018


If this article resonates with you and or you are aware that patterns and or reoccurring emotional pain are present in your life do contact me for a chat and to a private session or sessions. I offer bespoke sessions according to your needs and issues. I also offer relationship coaching, with or without your partner.

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