Self-Honesty is at the core of our Power

Times in life the unexpected happens – a time where beyond our control an emotion will surge out and cause waves, where a loved one walks, losing a job, a blow out with a friend – some unexpected twist occurs most suddenly.
Uranus is the planet of radical change and shifts, thus currently sitting in Taurus and will reside there for seven years. This placement will force shifts, and unexpected jolts into areas where we make have been asleep, putting up with, sweeping under the carpet not speaking up for fear of creating more drama. Well, let me tell you, the tensions are here to shift the shit. With Chiron also in Aries since February this year, with the combination of Uranus in Taurus shifts, healing and changes are being called to take place around money, what we value, beauty and anywhere in an around these themes where we have betrayed ourselves and come from our buried wounding. It is there for everyone.

Here is where we must access and hold onto our power. Not the ego kind. But the kind that comes from the ‘honest – self’ and does not fall into being a victim. Stay neutral even if you find yourself to be part of the cause of this unexpected drama, adjustment or pain. There are times we have no clue as to what possessed us. Why we lashed out or why something big and wild got thrown out into the open, triggered by another.

Mostly it can be our behaviour that we hide. This theme will be exposed, economically, socially, collectively and in our interactions. Our values and its disparity are under a considerable boom light that if there is a disparity between what we are doing and genuinely need and want to do, it’s going to get louder. Where we have compromised our values, at work or find ourselves mismatched in any relationships will be under scrutiny.
This effect can be found under the banner of breakdowns and or breakthroughs, which lead to healing and happiness.

Wherever you find yourself, on the spectrum of this possible energy – sometimes the only thing to do it to surrender and let it happen. See where the chips will fall. Life’s dominant model is to take action. As a spiritual counseller, sometimes I’d say, don’t do anything. Be with what is. Wait it out. Be still and watch.

Now is that time. Emotional healing could be order, taking time out from crowds, noise, the usual techno distractions, drinking, and anything that will have you duck your head down rather than make some heart centred self-inquiry.
Awakenings happen for a reason. Things are not meant to stay to the same. We are all on an evolutionary soul path and if you are sitting under the spell of this does not include me as its a bit woo woo, boy are you in for a great ride! Despite all our effort to control, neatly put what we think how things ought to be. The tighter we hold onto righteousness, the harder and more painful, isolating, and under a spell we remain, a spell cast by our experiences stemmed from what we were once taught and were influenced by.

Blessings come in different guises. Take the time to connect to you, get quiet and leave the need to reach out immediately. Bask in nature – cast your oracle cards, runes, read a book that is written for the soul. Write away and write some more. Until you can find a space where you can locate whatever the emotion and at what stage the story got spell cast.

Whatever emotion comes, be it rage, anger, sorrow through a flood of tears, – know either providence is supporting the change or that your inner soul is calling it out and its time for introspection and letting go.

Get aware and take time out for awareness. Avoid blame at all costs.
Watch out for the need for approval, or wanting to do the right thing.
You are acting to band-aid the situation rather than serving the case by doing a personal inventory. Check-in with whom does the right thing apply to? Be mindful of what your motive is. By getting out of your way, you can stop an addictive pattern of behaviour. Even in the guise of so and so needs me or I’ve got to make it all right otherwise, ‘my friend will not like me any more’, or my boss will think….’. However, it does do not mean communication is not to happen, but at times the act of letting go allows for a shift, space or magic to naturally occur. In doing so, we fall away from the tags of roles we have designated ourselves to be in the dynamic and allow the other to manage their self-inquiry and or emotion.

Self-inquiry: Review in slow motion and be in a reflective state.

  • Why did I act this way?
  • Why was I triggered?
  • Why did I react so?
  • How can I work on myself and let go of behaviours that do not serve?
  • Where does it come from? – ( usually somewhere in our childhood)
  • How old was I?
  • What does this pain remind me of?
  • Where did the tears come from?
  • Why now?
  • What was it about this……….that got me so mad?

As much as you can take your focus off the other person.
And do not blame your parents, make any judgments but be the witness to your self to locate an old buried pain, spell and story.

There is no telling when a soul is awakening. It just does. But people in our lives be it at work, family and experience help us in the process of our growth. They are the storm, fire and thunder that feeds the possibility for our spiritual truth and soul development.

Bow and give them thanks in your mind’s eye and trust the outcome will be what it will be.
You get to decide where, and what you will accept or not.
But be sure to re-evaluate your congruency in a situation. Also, these times are forcing us to see where we live out of illusions, power structures that we have aligned to, be at work or person, that we have invested in which are not conducive to a sense of our truth or worth. Dependencies are being dissolved, and covert imbalances are being exposed. Giving and taking in any relationship be it you who does all the work, or someone who takes and takes will be up for review. Saturn conjunct the south node and other astrological placements are influencers of this theme. With that, there is likely to be ancestral spells of powerlessness vs power. It will vary for each and one of us.

I have come to realise that self-honesty is at the core of our power.

Or at least mine. And I’m sure for all of us. Without listening and looking at life, we cannot transform.
Our purpose is to do so. We must if we are to reap the joys of security and substance in all the Taurean aspects of esteem. Be it through beauty, strong values, material comforts, physical pleasure, our homes, possessions and such like. Be mindful of power – inner and outer, such as monetary gains, rulerships that are egocentric and anything that we define our self-worth, which is not from our core of self-esteem. The negative aspect of this drama infested time is we can be inflexible, attached to an outcome, resistant to change, and remain in stagnated situations be at work, group, relations or friendships.
This alignment is not one to miss but to face head-on.

If you have already experienced this collision of differences, let it happen, take an inventory, observe and trust that the Divine finds its way to resolve it for you. All we need to do is, get truthful about what is underlined in your energetic system, build a personal honour code and whatever you do, speak up when the time is right, take it step by step not compromising on your ‘self-honesty’.

I’m always quite surprised at how often in hindsight I’ve allowed myself to be dishonest to myself.
But like anything and all of us alive, growing and thriving are at the heart of living. We shed what is no longer purposeful and fulfilling. What is right for us and what is not. Sometimes we need to part company and leave the other, and at times perseverance is called for.

Tune into your central system, the solar plexus. Listen to what the body is telling you. Your core truth resides in the seat of your soul.

Avoid second-guessing yourself. Break the spell and make a clear choice to honour your truth.
We are never alone, and our spirit guides and angels are all at hand. Call on the deities that you are affiliated with, and as uncomfortable the journey can be, you are on the path and all is meant to be. The choice is yours.

Be Blessed,

Rafah x


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