Super Full Moon in Libra – Spring Equinox

Super Full Moon in Libra – Spring Equinox -GMT 1.42am

With us being on the fringe of the equinox and together with the alignments of the planets, we are asked to be stripped of all we know and embark on the path of not knowing. The manifestation is yet to form.

A time when we need and must put ourselves at the core of our lives and navigate the terrain of building this with our outer world. With everything being reflected for healing right now, we only can change ourselves. Allow the wheel to turn in the way it needs to, surrendering to what is, letting go what no longer feels right, and it’s actually not that hard as there won’t be any energy left around it. You will not feel the lean toward someone or something.

Focus on what usable energy you can draw on to make this shift. By the way, this is not a time to give up either – To give up on your hopes and dreams, on relationships you have cultivated despite its difficulties, but to dig deep and do your inner work.

By usable energy I mean, what personal resource do you have to assist you with and or accomplish right now?
This could be your physical fitness, your time, rather than squandering it onto other peoples dramas and needs?
Your thinking. Positive or negative riled with worry?

Mercury retrograde ( has us in our heads, the thinking planet )and Chiron the wounded healer at the 0 degrees of Aries – Aries is the sign at the start of the zodiac wheel. Therefore, we are a portal of new beginnings.

Combined with the Super Full Moon GMT 1.42 a.m. in Libra again at 0 degrees – the Jaguar moon and Spring Equinox are giving us a massive shove to call in Divine Spirit for guidance, and for those who feel lost, abandoned and unconnected you must connect to the Divine.
Remember this is not a do it yourself path. Never was and never will be.

We are all being tested to build our inner strength, and the challenges some of you would have been experiencing is to prepare you for the next phase of change that will occur prominently roundabout July 2019. We are moving toward the wisdom of the Divine Feminine. The galactic portal is opening on the 13th moon which falls in Julys Full moon, preparing us energetically for this shift. The galactic centre is a magnetic field of energy that occurs to shift paradigms.

Ask for the power in doing the work so for once and for all we can release the layer upon layering of inner child wounding the stories and dramas that you and the collective are undergoing so we can step into a whole different dimension by 2020-21. This takes patience but what you need to remember is that greater possibilities are available to you, and we must reach high up beyond the ground level to take in the overall higher perspective, trusting Great Spirit, and for us to put new goals and intentions out. Your life can do a total 180 shift in course collection totally out of the blue.

Use this energy to merge your masculine and feminine as the Equinox represents this as by the equality of time between the Sun and the Moon. It is appropriate at this time for us to trust our intuition and our creative thoughts to birth new ideas – plan with action.

  • Balance creatively with play.
  • Balance rest with movement.
  • Disengage from over worry and negative thinking with self-care and mindfulness.
  • If you are indoors often, take your self outside nourish yourself with connecting to nature – this must be a daily act. The earth connection is paramount for all us at these times.

Release the cobwebs of fear, overwork and pent up energy by handing it to mother earth. Do some yoga, any form of bodywork outdoors. Let the energy in your mind’s eye, be drawn down to the planet, as you move your arms out to the sides at shoulder length and seep it down slowly and deliberately. Inhale and exhale. Now draw your focus from the top of the head in your inhale and exhale the breath through the entire length of the body and into the ground beneath you, through your feet.

Ask for assistance from your; Deities, angels, goddesses, whatever or whoever is your on High for you are never alone. Our ancestors and the unseens will give us all the strength, stamina, persistence and tenacity to keep going.

Make choices that support your physical well being and overall health. Your wellness must be catered for as without our physical wellness we cannot produce the usable energy we need to fulfil our potential and selves. Work with what you have and where you are, whatever your body and physical condition. This is not a time for judgement.

Make time and effort to perform a ritual of some kind. Write out what you do not want anymore, and thank it for how it has served you and your growth. Know that you are now being elevated into a higher path and embrace ‘coming home’. Reclaiming your truth and be in harmony with Source energy.
New beginnings beckon. Release the mask of denial. The rewards will far outshine the falsity of what you know deep inside of you.

Self-trust is called for. We must know ourselves for this to be. We must be ruthlessly honest about our selves, and what we must do so we can be the gateway to serve the planet, our world and create a vision however big or small, to manifest all of who you are.

Ritual – Calling in the Principle of Integration, Synthesis and Synergy.

Imagine a golden cauldron, and on the left a mythical lion (fire) and on the right a phoenix ( water) as metaphors of our paradoxes and our split selves, the shadow and light.
Write down what you know to be your shadow, hidden parts and aspects on a piece of paper.
Do the same for the light side, your positive traits. Anything at all.

Fire and water create steam. This is Alchemy.
The dark and light of our nature need to be integrated to manifest the totality of our selves.
In society, so many people hide away from their mess, cover their real emotions, negativity putting a lid on their shadow aspect. Talents you might want to bring in but have been fear of doing so, – perhaps its been a long time shelved or untapped despite you knowing that brings you immense joy.
We need to embrace it just as much what we claim to be positive or right by others.

The point is…to unify and harmonise the opposites, both positive and negative, by discovering a ground which transcends and encompasses them both. – Ken Wilbour, No Boundry.

Good time to integrate ourselves, essential issues, talents and any opposition you are experiencing in life. Allowing for the great self and wholeness in all that we are and do to take form.

In your mind’s eye, share your dark side to the lion and light to the Phoenix. See them feeding the cauldron with your opposition and polarities.
Let the magic happen and whatever life dreams or visions that are important to you personally or professionally.

Be the creator and the alchemist of your life.

Watch how it unfolds in weeks to come, and over the next 14 months. This will depend on your desire and intent to realise them.

We are in one of the most robust portals for manifestation, endings and beginnings. Use it wisely and allow more parts of your life together in ways that create a greater whole.
Give thanks.
And so it is.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2019


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