Something More

New Moon 16 April 02.57am GMT in Aries.
Bold and fiery energy is calling us to own what we really want and claim our soul’s path.
Potent new moon and a great one to put your intentions out of all your bigger visions and ideas and set the scene for the next 6 months. Use it well as it is truly a dynamic black moon.
Whatever it is you want to change – this is the one to ride the wave on.
Ask yourself –
‘What is it that I need to do?’
‘Where is it I want to be?’
‘How do I want to feel?’
‘What would it look like?’
List them out, place your hand on your heart as you sit and intend your plans and wishes out to the universe.
We all want #somethingmore in life. It can be a new direction, a new eating regime, more exercise, more money, more real-life friends, more satisfaction, closeness, fulfilment, more prestige, more whatever.
You may not know what you are hankering for but deep inside of you know that there needs to be #somethingmore those symptoms are clear…
  • when you feel lost and have no drive
  • you find yourself sighing heavily and don’t know why
  • you feel like you are going round and round or feel like you are being sucked into some swamp
  • no end to the treadmill of life and don’t know how to get off
  • live in lacklustre and wanting to get back your life into technicolour

If this where you find yourself, fear not, I can help you untangle this jangle of not feeling yourself and wanting something more. Together we can get to the bottom of this and transform your self and life in onto feeling alive once more.


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