Life Guidance Intuitive Tarot & Oracle Readings:

Sometimes life puts us in situations where we need a little clarity and guidance, where we can explore our options and in return receive sharp accurate answers connecting the dots through card readings that give us insight to our unconscious behaviours.

Purpose of readings is to give you clarity in what you need to understand, reveal the insights that are hidden and the direction or attitude required to take the next step or offer the guidance spirit wants you to have.

The cards work on the basis that it presents the now, where time is not linear but highlighting and addressing what the querent can do and be given nourishing guidance to deal with the situation at hand.

My life Guidance readings are not about predicting the future but intuitive information that is offered through the cards and any messages, insights I receive during the reading as the bridge of where you are and what needs to happen or the overview of the situation you are guided in. There will be a questionnaire upon your purchase before booking. You will also need to ‘sign’ the terms and agreement before purchase.

‘Rafah draws on her skills as an intuitive reader, mentor, life Guide, space holder, life transformer and her together with her spiritual connection to Source and that of her guides. She offers tools as for how to go about making the shift giving her clients the tools to move through life that is empowering and self-directed.’

This is a great alternative to coaching resulting in immediate and on the pulse guidance.


The full spectrum of Readings*

Email & Recorded life Guidance Readings:

Ask One Question

Sometimes we have one issue or burning question that we need guidance for. This can be a yes or no? or better still what do I need to do about…..? Best way to ask is an open-ended question, What guidance does Spirit or the cards have for me, regarding….?

150 worded guidance reading sent to you via email. Allow seven working days from the point of payment received for this to come into your inbox. This reading is based on a three card spread of what attitude or situation that brought you here, how to deal with the situation and where the issue/ this going? For Booking

Extended  Reading 

Can’t see your way forward? Don’t know how to handle your ex? What is it about? Feeling stuck?

It’s hard to see the wood for the trees when we are emotionally interested in a situation or put in an awkward position. This happens to all of us. In your reading, I can give you guidance as to how to handle the situation you are currently in and what to do, what needs to happen to go about transforming the case. This reading goes into more depth to than the Ask One Question reading, covering various areas and aspects to the issue. ~ Reading time approximately 30 minutes. This reading will be recorded; Image sent that of the card spread and message sent you via email. Allow seven working days from the point of payment received for this to come into your inbox. Book Here for an Extended Reading

Personal in-depth Life Guidance

Personal Life Guidance will give you insight into your life’s challenges, purpose, helping to clarify and fulfil our life path,  and This reading offers what best areas to focus on your life and career. The Life Guidance will also inform you of your Soul & Life Lessons, ways of relating, natural health and physical benefits. We are all unique so how can it be one size fits all?   You will take away your knowledge on your purposeful ways and what makes you thrive. A recording of up to 60- 90 mins minutes will be sent to you of this reading. Personal soul contract aspects of your personal birth chart and Lifepath number will be included. You will be supplied with a questionnaire to fill in. Please ensure that it is filled correctly and as accurately as possible for me ascertain the best reading for you. Book Here for Personal Life Guidance Reading.

Relationship Guidance 

This reading offers clarity as a couple or potential coupling. Relationship Guidance will also inform you of your Soul & Life Lessons together, purpose and what makes it thrive (compatibility) sexual sizzle or not and the understanding of various aspects that can be challenging. A recording of up to 60- 90 mins minutes will be sent to you of this reading. Personal soul contract aspects of your personal birth chart and Lifepath number will be included. Book Here Relationship Guidance Reading


Live Life Guidance Readings

Ask Rafah 

Are you in Jam? Suffering from a particular Problem, Issue or Dilemma? Problems in your relationships? with a  work colleague. Is your word falling apart? Are you suffering from an eating disorder? Panic attack?  Any issues, friendships dilemmas, money, job, family, sibling rivalry, friends at school or work, issues with colleagues or any life crisis. You’ve come to the right place. Ask Rafah will get you back on track to living a life that is liberated, empowered and filled with love. You will need to present me your problem or dilemma on the form supplied at the time of your booking, so I can help you with my advice, guidance and counsel during the session time. You will also be given certain tools to help you. If it is a fast track situation as in you need the answer/session within 48 hours there will be an add-on fee for expedient booking. Yes Please! Help me!!

Life Guidance Readings

As the In-depth reading. Here you will be live with me through Skype or face time. This live reading will give you an overview and clarity of the question or issue with the use of tarot and oracle cards. You can ask me questions during the reading. Please ensure you fill the form supplied completely. The more specific you can be the more clearly I can guide according to your situation. Yes! I want an Appointment


Tarot & Oracle readings and all services rendered are adopted by you at your own choice and risk.  Please consult professionals for all problems related to legal, medical and mental health.  None the services rendered are a substitute to self-responsibility and seeking medical help where needed. Must be 18 years old to request a reading.

Thank you for getting in touch and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Bye for now.

Rafah x