Are you tending to your inner child?

I’ve noticed a lot of inner child work becoming more apparent as people left right and centre are being triggered and reaching out for help. Living a vibrant life is only possible when we are genuinely supporting our inner child.
This is so due to the powerful astrological configuration, and which is beautifully orchestrated so we will evolve and grow out of our reactions and make the changes we need, and that is long overdue. This is happening on a personal level as well as a collective level.

Themes or scripts like neglect, abandonment, abuse, rejection, emotional neediness and deprivation will have been showing up in your personal movie, for some it will be a replay of old, time and time again.
Take space to reflect the level of your inner child and connect to its feeling at the moment, and you will able to locate your original pain and belief. Ask yourself, ‘What does this remind me of?’

Whoever, or whatever, you are freaking out at is actually presenting you with an opportunity to see where you need to ‘heal’ and mend your inner world. Everyone is a reflection of our interior.

Call in your Sacred Parent – Your ideal idea of a wise, warm and loving Parent!

We need to call on our Sacred Parent, mother /father – and nurture the inner child within.  With Pluto and Saturn, both conjunct The Full Moon Lunar eclipse in Cancer on the North node will find people being triggered in their old sess pit of pain, repeats and all that needs to go. This is a strong theme for the next few months and beyond, but is becoming more apparent as Pluto reveals what’s hidden and Saturn being the daddy of the planets and a taskmaster, we are called to grow up and release hurts of old, that is affecting our relationship with our children, family and people at large. Especially those closest to us, as they do have knack and it is designed that way – for us to evolve and look at our behaviour and inner wounding.

I can assure you will all be feeling it. The stronger the reaction, the more imminent the work needs to happen. For many, this will be affecting our personal relationships.

For some time now, I’ve been calling this importance of working with your inner child and chakras – ‘Life Energy’ system together. For me, it is the most significant and influential shifts I made and seen in transforming ones inner and outer life.

The combination of Inner child work and the chakra system ( LifeScript series™) combines modalities of psychology, gestalt therapy and spirituality. This is a potent fast track in ones healing, an alchemical therapy to unbind yourself from your past, patterns, physical ailments and from an unlived life. Sound vibrational healing, chakra tune-up, inner child regression, rescripting, together with the use of energy system combined releases blocks energetically, recalibrating your ‘sensors’ if you like, transforming you emotionally, mentally and enhancing your spiritual well-being.

More and more people are beginning to recognise and know that we are energy beings. While in our formative years, a lot of our adapted survival mechanisms, belief systems have been formed. This eventually becomes a script we live out. Our energy centres hold the memory or pains and occurrences and become the centre which we function out from. This inner HQ rules our health, thinking and behaviour – all our shadow stuff. You only have to see our leaders behaving like children, intelligent and influential women in relationships that have them on their knees, men who lack integrity and are passive, without a backbone, or narcissists and bullies. We then go on to live our lives in compensation or an unawakened manner. Living from our core is very important now.

Your patterns can be changed. The next few weeks and beyond, the terrain is such so we can once and for all, recognise the shifts we need to make. Whatever your course, the rules are our child archetypes will be showing up in full performance. It will be up to you to parent those inner children. Consciously see where and how it hijacks you and where your adopted identification that is not the true you. What’s more, if you are a parent to young kids or becoming one this work is imperative as you may have already noticed that you sound like your parent or you are the one having a tantrum!

I’m saying this f for you to feel bad, but I have seen this time and time again, where the parent is displaying typical communication styles as their mother or father, or losing one’s centre as soon as the child becomes challenging! Hardly a way to parent. Giving to your child is not the way forward either.

We are creating a tea-cup’ generation where the egos are so fragile that they form into narcissists and very entitled adults. 

Balancing our Solar and Lunar inner current

A powerful breathing technique from the teachings of Ayurveda know as Alternate Nostril breathing  – I’m sure most of you who have practised some yoga would have tried this. Without getting into the science and the greater physiological benefits  – I’m recommending this as it is a powerful tool to balance the solar and lunar energy meridians which I find to be totally appropriate for this time. Not to mention our nerves could be frazzled with the increased tension this month and now with the Lunar Eclipse – our minds and moods could swing easily. This recalibration will help to keep us centred and aligned. I also feel that we need both inner sacred parents to be with us, balanced and harmonised, working in synergy and partnership. Be it The male/female, the yin and yang, the divine masculine and feminine – all the same in harnessing these elements.




Regular practice of this, you find that it balances and harmonises us in ways beyond our immediate awareness. This will affect our polar energies by integrating into a better whole. Try it each day for a few rounds. If you do this practice in the morning, start on the left. And at night in the right nostril.  Here is a gif illustration to help you with its method.



Creative longings will be knocking

Also, over the next few weeks, the archetype of Leo is all about expression and shining like the sun, and play – The Creative You – The sun does not monitor how it does it just beams.

What hides its radiance is the clouds and all that overshadows its natural self. Take time out to really tune in and not ignore its nudges due to the layers upon layers of programming and core belief. The one that you were born to live. It will be knocking at your inner door if you are willing to listen. It is time to shine. Ride this retrograde by asking yourself: ‘What new beginning does my creative self wanting to shine? Who do I need to be to make that happen?

Summon up your inner sacred parents or your ideal adult self, to guide you and hold you during this transition. To know what your sacred parent needs to be or your ideal parent/adult self, make a list of at least ten qualities you admire in any adult figure you have known or seen in a movie or heard. Sit in silence and write this list out so you can be clear.
Mine went something, like this. I asked myself.
What qualities would my ideal responsible adult have?
1. to show up authentic
3. be truthful each moment
4. wise
5. be willing to learn
6. to be self-honouring
7. caring and nurturing

8 take risks

Coyote, the trickster, is up there and can trip us up. Let laughter be your medicine too, as you see yourself having a tantrum or meltdown. Coyote is also the medicine of playfulness and folly when we take ourselves to seriously. Laugh at your inner child, give a mighty hug, let him or her know that despite this phase of friction and tension you are there for her/him, and you will not Abandon it. –

The child needs to feel safe and for it to express itself fully. Have a boogie, let your hair down and play like a child. Feed it is a favourite food, perhaps something you had commonly as a child. ( I went out and bought a packet of ramen). Listen to how it asks to be nurtured and loved; honour your inner child’s requests. Don’t worry – it won’t hijack you; you are the responsible and loving parent after all. Nourish all that you are feeling, and going through to help you through this Lunar eclipse passage.

If you need to nap and rest, do. If you feel like being outside, then do that.
It is calling you. Take notice. Enrol your Sacred parent And take decisive action.
As you do, allow the inner child to embrace and nourish the creative aspect of your mind and heart.

This is not a time to abandon or reject your inner child. You’ll be glad you didn’t.

If you can schedule an Inner Child day, do all you can to get in touch with your inner child/ren. Notice which one has been tugging these days, Journal and dialogue with your child. Make that connection while these potent energies are in the sky. Cancer North Node is opposite the south node and the full moon, so elements of nurturing and nourishment could not be a more ideal time. Be firm with your boundaries – leave out dramas and toxic people or places at bay, know what works for you, spending a day connecting to your inner child if you can – ideally on your own.

Dream big, this portal is fabulous for miraculous intentions. Let your child dream for you…listen out for it whispers. Write them down, and please don’t dismiss them. Your task right now is to show up for your child!

Play truant if you must, your inner child, shaman, and soul will thank you no end.


Rafah xx

© Rafah Sabbagh 2019


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