Are you Being Loyal to Yourself ?

I have been writing about this Authentic Soul Self for some time now and the whole intention of Butterfly Women (monthly newsletter) is to inspire and educate ourselves to be empowered, and live from Sovereignty. This begs the question then of how do we do this?

What does being loyal to yourself look like?

Being Loyal to ourselves is what it is. Absolutely imperative and the only way to become Queen, empowered and move through life from our Sovereign selves. The word Loyal has been swimming around my mind for some time now, and I asked myself a few months back, ‘Are you being loyal to yourself?’ and what does that mean and look like? To be loyal to me?

At the time, I was beginning to feel dislocated in my job once more and knew it was time to move on…as others would have it..they urged me to stay. It was around about that time I began to question myself about whose voice was true? Was I being loyal to myself by staying or going? Some answers are not so cut and dry. One thing for sure, my soul had begun to nudge me and as always, I started to pay attention.

According to the Chambers dictionary, the definition of the word Loyal is: faithful; true as a lover; firm in allegiance and devoted to a sovereign.

To me that Sovereign is YOU, ME US…OURSELVES.

I love this definition as it also highlights the importance of being a lover to oneself. In one of my newsletters, I spoke at length of the Divine’s Love, and there are different loves, the Divine’s Love being the Omnipotent of them all. However, what does being a lover to yourself look like?

  • What would you do if you were romancing your self?
  • What would you do if you stopped waiting for your guy or gal to show up differently?
  • How would the lover in you take care of yourself?
  • What kind of words would you speak to yourself? Can you hear them? Why wait for another who can barely utter any words of kindness or greatness to you?

The definition of being Loyal means living out of your passion and stop doing things that are making you feel Blah….!!!! or being with people who put you down or have no interest in being there for you or near you. Watch their actions.

Do they honour their word? Do they follow through after promising to do something, pay for something? Be there for you in a way they said? Action speaks louder than words and how many times have we given our power away by accepting crumbs? By doing so much for another and getting very little appreciation or love in return?

Have you gone into something knowing that you were going to be challenged and failed to honour yourself? voice? truth? DON’T SELL OUT!

The good thing about all this is we can always..and I mean always.…stop, gather ourselves, reconnect deep into our core self and ask What would serve me most right now? What would being loyal to myself be here?

You know, you might have planned to go swimming, but your body is aching for that extra sleep. Be loyal to yourself.

You decided that you are going to fast once a week and the day arrives and you find your self backtracking. Be Loyal to yourself.

Your guy or friend is being a jerk and you promise yourself that you aren’t going to entertain that behaviour any more and decide that you want time out until you can next speak to them from your heart. That means saying NO. Be loyal to yourself.

A sugar daddy buys you a something you have been hoping for and now the threats or blackmail is beginning to rear its ugly head…What do you do?
Be loyal to yourself.


You inner tug will inform you when you are being yourself or not. Try and get out of your head and breathe deeply. Put your hand on your heart and ask yourself tenderly, what would my inner lover do or say right now?

I have done many a foolish act, by being un-centred and coming from my head…what would look right or good, what I should do, all in the name of thinking what love would do instead of FEELING what love would do. Like I said before, our bodies will not lie. You can love somebody deeply but know that you do not want to be with them and, or that they are no good for you deep inside. Notice what your body does. Does it pull away or move toward. Don’t resist. Just observe and act from that place. I really understand that it can be confusing at times. We can be so enmeshed by a connection that it is hard to break away. But the truth will always be the truth. When I was in my late 20’s I was in love with a man who treated me like dirt. I begged him to stop being so cruel. Then I realised as those words passed my lips, it was I that was being cruel. I just needed to get out his way. I quit going back to him.

If the thoughts are dominating do not act but just wait till the right moment arrives. It will. Instead fill your day, hour, a moment with what you love. Connect to what brings you joy, however little time you may have. Connect to your breath. It all stacks up and amounts to being loyal to yourself.
Fill yourself up with Grace.

Please do not feel you are being selfish. Just because you managed a run for yourself but are juggling motherhood, work and your family doesn’t mean that you feel you can’t ask for more.

WE are better human beings for honouring our soul’s calling and that is what the ascension of the soul is about. No more ‘should’ or ‘have to’s’… Carve a way to begin living the life that is calling you. Stop holding on so tight to what you know and get out of your own way.

DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND DO IT WITH LOVE…Be the love that you have come to be.

This is what living in Sovereignty is…taking supreme and independent power to oneself. Nourish yourself with what you know nourishes you. ‘The crowning characteristic of Love is Loyalty’.

© Rafah Sabbagh 2016


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