Welcome to my Ask Rafah Page

Below are my videos on Youtube from the letters of the problem I help to solve.

My intention is to help anyone with those similar and relatable issues as each of these topics and most of all our problems are universal.

In each vlog, I also mention and discuss the chakras the energy system within the body that may be imbalanced and affected. I offer healing meditations, visualisations and mantras or suggested programming to help recalibrate the stuck energy and mind-body patterns. This can be found on my Vimeo on Demand page. (see Subpage from this on the header tab)

Also uploaded on vimeo to correlate with each problem are suggested solutions based on the tarot and card spreads. Looking at the deeper issues and any hidden subconsious or issues.

I hope you enjoy and benefit from these vlogs and you wish to make a donation you can do so through here. PayPal Me Donation