What a fantastic astrology reading ( Personal In-depth Reading) with Rafah. It really got to the core, pointing out emotions I had been feeling and in depth insight into my life. With useful guidance future and present paths I can take. This was most accurate reading I have ever had and has left me feeling confident about my future. I absolutely recommend Rafah, you wont be disappointed. I love the fact that you recorded it so i listen to time and time again – Jo 2019

My reading with Rafah was very insightful and to the point. Rafah was sensitive to my needs and just sitting with her was a healing experience. I was given clear guidance and tools to help me go forward. What was amazing was as soon as the session finished all the issues I had been struggling with my partner seemed to have shifted, affecting not only my energy but his as well, despite that the fact he was not in the room. – JK, 2019  – Portugal

Time spent with her Rafah was a real blessing and life-changing moment. Rafah is a life guidance coach and her intuitive oracle card readings have given me a bigger picture of my future actions rather than just a fortune future reading. She helped me see what I can do to honour and ‘heal’ myself at the time of my personal troubles.
I left feeling vital and energised. Her energy was amazing. I was actually quite anxious before the reading, but I came away feeling empowered. Wow. I recommend her completely!  – Tihana 2108, UK London

Rafah is a spiritual, physical and psychological surgeon, cutting through any bullshit but at the same time is a compassionate space holder, utilising all her skill set and integrated knowledge to restore one back to themselves. She understands the importance of shifting boundaries and does so with compassionate precision.’ – Elyse O’Conner, U.S  Massachusetts 2017

‘She is a technician of people’s lives and has been like an angel in my life. Rafah has helped me see where I have been looping into a pattern of self-sabotage in relating and in my personal care and relationships.’. – Dominic Lorenz, 2016 Uk London

‘When I started working with Rafah on the chakras and Lifescripts™ series I was very unsure, as this is not an area I have explored before. I didn’t need to worry. The series was educational, interesting, insightful and eye-opening. Rafah provides learning in an easy to understand worksheets and conversations, tailoring it to you and your needs. The exercises explored together were engaging and empowering. The sessions provided me with deeper insights into many of my challenges, some of which I didn’t realise were challenges. By the end of the course, I had improved relationship with my parents, a better understanding of myself and improved intuition and decision making. The best is it has equipped me with resources to continue my growth. Rafah is a warm and compassionate coach, able to provide a safe environment to explore sensitive topics to utilise the knowledge I have gained. ‘ – Ruth Newton 2015

‘The coaching was great. I felt Rafah was really listening with compassion and understanding. Making suggestions to overcome issues and me to account without force or judging.’ – Paul Sherring 2015

‘Rafah is a strong character based on her personal growth and power, this definitely comes through and is refreshing – I chose her for this reason. She is also authentic, collaborative and genuinely wants to see her clients progression, reflecting on the process and holding me accountable. I enjoyed our working together and valued her recommending books for me to read.’ –  Natasha Hayes 2015

Rafah and I worked together on and off for four years as my body-work trainer, working with mind, body and spirit. I have become more grounded and aware since working with Rafah, but most of all she has helped ease the cluster migraines that I have suffered for many many years without any results. It is incredible that in such a short space of time, I was able to open up to Rafah and know that I am in safe hands.’ – John Pawson 2011

I have found my sessions with Rafah enormously useful. She has a clear way of communicating, that is friendly, non-critical that saves me from embarrassment or feeling of inadequacy. Rafah is also good at explaining the purpose and benefits of the different movements which helps to keep me motivated. 

In our individual sessions, Rafah is quick to assess my energy levels and ability to draw from a number of different body-work traditions to design a tailor-made workout for me. I now feel a new respect for my body, and my posture and fitness levels have greatly improved.’ – Rigby Hough (Clinical Psychologist) 2009

‘My sessions with Rafah have equipped me with skills to get through any challenge life can throw at me – be it at the gym or in my personal life and spiritual life.’ – Susanne Hevey 2003

” Leading well-being therapist, Rafah Sabbagh is a blend of personal and corporate trainer, lifestyle mentor and guru, focussing on her clients nutritional, emotional, spiritual and physical needs.

She trains models, works on pop promo and film sets and will even travel around the world as your own personal coach. ” – Gilly Smith, Juicy Guidebook 2002

“Rafah Sabbagh is the most comprehensively adroit specialist in body awareness and all you need to know to strengthen your core.” – Barefoot Doctor, author, speaker, musician and Taoist 2001